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Personalized Bookmarks | DIY Tutorial


Personalized bookmarks make a great gift for just about anyone, and are the perfect last-minute gift for those times when you just couldn’t think of the right thing. Pair them with a nice book or a gift card to a book store, and you’re sure to please the bookworm in anyone. Bookmarks can also make the perfect back-to-school present, and are great for all ages! Customize them with someone’s favorite colors, sports charms, favorite animals, and or, well, anything else.

All you need is about a foot of ribbon or chain, a few jumprings, and any charms, drops, or embellishments you might also like to add.

For the ribbon bookmark, we cut the ribbon to an appropriate size, secured a basketweave crimp at each end, then added a jumpring and charms to each end.  The chain bookmark was the same, but instead of adding a crimp, we just secured a jumpring, then added the charms. I’d suggest using no more than three charms per end so that the bookmark doesn’t get too heavy or busy, but you can feel free do get as crazy a you’d like with them.


The bookmarks we made are simple and easy, but you can get as intricate as you’d like. Try braiding a few strands of ribbon together, then crimping. Experiment with using patina to color pendants (tutorial here), or even make your own beaded charms, like these blackberry drops.  The possibilities are endless with these, and they’re so much fun!

How would you style your own bookmark? Tell us in the comments!

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