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Affirmation Earrings | DIY Tutorial


I love affirmation jewelry because it makes a great gift that’s both heartfelt and wearable. It sends a warm message for everyone to see, and it’s also just plain cute!

I usually only think to put word charms on bracelets and necklaces, so this use of them was a nice way to switch things up a bit! The chain we used is also interesting in its varying textures. I love how it looks like two different types of chain were used, even though it’s all actually part of the same strand! These earrings make a great gift for a daughter who’s going off to college, a mom whose kids are heading off to school for the first time, for a friend, or even for yourself.



2 Three Petal Flower Beads in Blue Silk / Orange Picasso
2 TierraCast “Love” Drop Charms in Antique Gold
TierraCast “Grow” Drop Charm in Antique Copper
6 Jumprings in Brass Oxide
1 ft Floating Circles Chain in Antique Copper
2 Vintaj Earwires
2 Headpins in Brass Oxide


  1. Take your chain and cut it so that there is one section of single-strand chain, connected to another the three-strand chain, with the three strands hanging freely.
  2. Attach a jumpring to each of the three ends of small chain.
  3. Attach the “Love” to one strand, connecting to the jumpring. Then, add either the “Grow” or “Imagine” charm to the another.
  4. Add a three-petal flower bead to a headpin. Loop the headpin before trimming it, so that you have excess metal to work with.
  5. Wrap the excess headpin around the loop twice for a finished look, then trim.
  6. Attach the loop you just made to the remaining chain and jumping.
  7. At the top of the single-strand chain, attach an earwire.
  8. Repeat the steps for your second earring.

Something about these earrings gives me the warm-fuzzies! You can also choose any charm you’d like, so your earrings can be totally one-of-a-kind.

Who would you make these earrings for, any why? Tell us in the comments! 🙂




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