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Stackable Bezel Rings | DIY Tutorial


These adorable Hammered and textured rings from Nunn Design are perfect for wearing stacked, and the Itsy Bezel Ring is fun and super easy to embellish and have something unique, custom colored to match your outfit or just in your favorite color.

For this tutorial we’ll be using Nunn Design’s Itsy Bezel Rings, and you have the option of using either a diminutive button, or a two-hole cabochon, (or whatever you might have on hand to fill the bezel. Crystal Clay gives more options too.) Both fit perfectly in the Ring bezel!

These rings look great on their own, but I think they’re even better when stacked, or when you wear multiple rings at once, and another option is to wear them on a chain instead of your fingers.



Super New Glue
Nunn Design Bezel Ring
Diminutive Button or a Two-Hole Cabochon


  1. If you’re using a diminutive button carefully clip off the the back with a pair of wire cutters so that the button lays flat. If you’re using a two-hole cabochon, skip this step.
  2. Place one small drop of Super New Glue inside the ring bezel, really just one!
  3. Quickly place the button or cabochon inside the bezel, and hold it firmly for about thirty seconds.
  4. Place the ring upright between a few books, or something else that will hold it steady while the glue cures completely.
  5. Leave the ring for about an hour, to ensure it is completely cured.

The Super New Glue is extra durable. We tried a few times to separate our buttons from their bezels, to no avail. So, rest assured, you ring is sturdy and ready to go anywhere with you with the usual caveats: do not wear nay jewelry swimming or in the ocean, as salt water is corrosive.

Here’s a photo of two of the rings being worn, with one blank spacer ring in between. Cute, right!?


And here’s the ring made with a green two-hole cabochon

From very close up, you are able to see the tiny holes in the cabochons, but in my opinion “All jewelry is meant to be viewed from a polite distance” and to see those holes you have to really eyeball the ring.

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