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Happy Birthday to Us!

I can hardly believe its been ten years but then when I start looking back, I can see and feel it more. Thinking back about all the people who have worked with me, some still in my life and in the shop, some friends that have remained close, and some who have gone on to new lives. I appreciate all of them, and thanks to Facebook, have been able to remain in touch with most them.
For many years, as a way to reach out and meet our customers, we attended shows, and while I miss the show family of other vendors, and the chance to see people in person I am very happy to stay at home, working in the shop daily to improve our offerings and customer service. I enjoy making people happy and I feel better not running all over the country!
Over the years, as new and interesting products, beads, stinging materials, so many new techniques and patterns, and all the wonderful sharing of information has grown in the beading world, I feel blessed to be a part of it all and I also want to say a big THANK YOU to all of our customers, you are really what it’s all about!

It may be our birthday, but we think that the best presents are the ones we give. That’s why, to celebrate 10 years, and to give a big thank you to our customers and friends, we’ll be doing a week’s long worth of giveaways! 

Anyone who:

  • comments on this post
  • places an order on our website
  • or enters to win one of our Facebook giveaways

Will be eligible to win gift cards of various amounts (ranging from $5 to $100), and package of CzechMates beads and thread. These winners will be announced on Tuesday 8/23.

We’ll also be doing giveaways on Facebook each day, featuring the following prizes:
  • TierraCast set of Bracelets & Charms
  •  Nunn Design Ring Kits
  •  Hana Thread Set
  •  Tulip Needles Set
  •  Set of Three Hole Punches in Various Sizes
  •  Set of 2 Design stencils for Enameling
  •  Set of Vintaj Supplies
  •  Swarovski Earring Kit
The Facebook giveaway winners will be announced on a daily basis, so stay alert or you’ll miss them!
In addition to our giveaways, save an extra 30% when you use the code “BIRTHDAY” at checkout on our website. See our newsletter for more details!

49 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Us!

  1. Orders have always been received promptly and it is fun to see the extra surprise tucked in. The items look as pictured online, so I enjoy ordering.


  2. ~Happy tenth birthday! You’ve come a long way, with beautiful experiences to cherish 😀 Sounds like it has been an amazing journey, I wish you all the very best for the coming years! And of course, the giveaways sound so exciting, looking forward to them ❤


  3. Happy Birthday! You sure know how to throw a party! Thanks for the great giveaways and for all the inspiration that you have been providing for ten years!


    1. Kristen,

      Thanks for entering in our birthday giveaway! Everyone who entered in a giveaway this past week was entered to win a Set of Glass Beads, one of ten $10 gift cards, or one of 5 $100 gift cards.

      You’re the lucky winner of one of our $10 gift cards! If you could please contact us via email at, we’d love to get your prize to you!



  4. Happy 10th Birthday Pam and Staff. I had the opportunity to meet you a few years ago at the bead show in New York when I was just starting out. I am now a very happy Bello Modo online customer. Thank you to you and your staff for making my purchases a breeze. Danielle


  5. Happy 10th Birthday. I can see why it hardly seems possible that it’s 10 years… Time Flies When You’re Having Fun!! Personally, I have no problem believing it’s been 10 years… You guys are too great not to last that long and longer!


    1. Celebrating 10 years is a great milestone to celebrate. Pam, you have helped me many times on phone, just wished you had come to some Atlanta shows over the years so I could have met you. Congratulations! Here’s a toast to many more.!


  6. Happy 10 Pam. 10 is my lucky number as it is my birth month and day. 10 is oh so special and lucky. Wishing you the very best for the next 10 years and more. If I should be lucky to win, any selection you pick would be simply a #10! Thanks. Danielle


  7. Hana Kaleidoscope of Beautiful Thread Colors will inspire me to create brilliant super duo and Delica cuffs. Hana means “blossom” and with these great threads I can add to my growing thread collection. I surely will blossom with Hana threads. Danielle


  8. Happy birthday and Thank you for the opportunity for us beaders to buy beads at a good price and the opportunity to win great prizes..


  9. Tulips are the best. Now I need all the sizes to complete my collection and if I were to receive this set it would really make my day. Tulips are very resistant to breakage and bending. Tulips are not only found in the garden thanks to Pam and Bello Modo. Danielle


  10. Golden elegance is my choice. Swarovski crystals are my go to selection for my beadwork and I mostly use blue, teal, purple and silver. This gold set of earrings would complement my inventory. Thank you Pam and Staff for your great customer service. Danielle


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