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Swarovski Deco Drop Earrings


We love these earrings for their innovative use of the TierraCast sliders. We don’t normally look at a slider and think that would make a great earring!, but we’re glad someone did! These earrings are eye-catching and flashy, and these crystals catch light and glimmer at almost every angle.

This tutorial is written for the Blue/Silver color way, but feel free to mix it up like we did with gold components and other colors of crystals.


2 – 6mm Princess Cut Beads in Aqua AB
8 – 13×6.5 Drop Pendants in Crystal Blue Shade
6 – Distressed Slides with Loop in Antique Silver
8 – 6mm Oval Jumprings in Silver
3”- Brass Cable Chain in Imitation Rhodium
2 – Add-A-Bead Earwires


Step 1: Using the brass cable chain remove 8 links individually and set aside.

Step 2: Using 1 jump ring attach to one Pendant art.6010 13×6.5mm Crystal Blue Shade. Repeat 7 more times and set aside.

Step 3: Using one Slide w/ Loop attach one pendant from Step 2 to the ring on the side of the loop. Repeat 5 more times and set aside.

Step 4: Using one ear wire slide on one Bead art. 5040 6mm Aqua AB, make a simple loop. Repeat one more time and set aside.

Step 5: To create one earring: Using three slide w/ loops from Step 3 attach each of them together with two links from Step 1. Note: when attaching loops make sure that the pendants are falling on opposites sides as you link them together.

Step 6: Using one link from Step 1 attach one pendant from Step 2 to the bottom of the links.

Step 7: Using one link from Step 1 attach the ear wire from Step 4.

Step 8: Repeat Steps 5 – 7 to make the second earring.


Find the original PDF here: Mini_Projects_Launches_of_Blends_RZ_LowRes

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