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Birthday Giveaway Winners!

Thank you so much to everyone who has participated in our birthday week of giveaways! We loved reading your kind words and birthday wishes. We read some really creative ideas of ways to use the giveaway products, and we had tons of fun this week – we hope you did too! We appreciate your support, and we’re excited for what the future brings.
If you entered to win any of the prizes this past week, you were also entered to win one of ten $10 gift cards, one of five $100 gift cards, or a kit of CzechMates Beads and One G thread.
Now, it’s time to announce the winners!
The recipients of the $10 gift cards will be Anne Marie Fowler, Katie Noonan, Lori B McKay, Carol Pascuzzi, Vivien Noll, Kristen Stevens, Laura Single, Merry Mae Gregor, Dana Smith, and Kathy Sommers.
The lucky recipients of the $100 gift cards are Romey Julius, Cynthia Hubbard, Elizabeth Lumsden, Bianca van der Molen, and Denise Slass-Lipson.
The winner of the CzechMates and One G thread kit is Chris White.
If you didn’t win, don’t fret; we do regular giveaways on Facebook, so there’s always another chance to win. Thank you!!

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