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Our Lady Earrings | DIY Tutorial


The use of this link as an earring component is unexpected, and totally fun. The links look beautiful suspended in the frames, which mimic the effect of the circular golden halo we often see in painted depictions of the Virgin Mary.


The name of the “Our Lady” links is in reference to Our Lady of Guadalupe, the title of the the Virgin Mary as associated with her shrine in Mexico City. The link is part of the Viva Mexicana Collection by TierraCast, which celebrates the imagery associated with Día de Muertos and Mexican miracles. We love the whole collection, but these links are a definite favorite!

The links also come in silver, so if gold isn’t your thing, feel free to switch out gold for silver and make these your own. However, I think that the gold makes these earring feel particularly decadent.


2 – Open Frame Loops in Antique Gold
2 – 6mm Jumprings in Gold
2 – Oval Leverback Earwires in Gold
2 – Our Lady Links
1 spool Gold Parawire


  1. Begin by placing a link inside the wire frame. Align the bottom-most loop on the link to the bottom of the frame, opposite the loop of the frame.
  2. Begin wire wrapping the bottom link to the frame. Wrap the wire tightly about six times, then trim and neatly tuck the ends of the wire.
  3. Repeat step 2 with each loop, so the the link is suspended in the middle of the frame.
  4. Open a 6mm jumpring, an attach it to the loop of the frame.
  5. Add the earwire to the jumpring, and close.


Where would you wear these earrings? Tell us in the comments!

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