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Leather & Howlite Skull Earrings



Halloween is creeping up on us, and admittedly, we’re pretty excited. We’re ready for all things spooky, and we’re excited to bust out all of the fun Halloween-themed pendants and components.

This earring tutorial is just in time to get you in the Halloween spirit, and have a nice casual vibe that is great all year round – so long as you’re not opposed to wearing skulls out of season. These howlite skull beads lend themselves well to that, because they’re not particularly scary. The leather is a fun and unexpected texture for an earring, and the faceted beads are an excellent accent.


24 inches of 1.5mm Natural Round Leather Cord
2 Howlite Skulls in Turquoise (not currently listed)
10 4mm Faceted Bead in Antique Silver (you’ll need to buy two packs)
2 Headpins
2 Barrel Beads in Silver
2 Textured Jump Rings
Hook Style Earwires in Antique Silver


  1. Begin by cutting your 24 inches of leather into two 12″ pieces.
  2. Take one strand of leather, and add five faceted beads (if the hole seems too small, flip the bead around and try from the other end). You can use a headpin to aid you in guiding the leather through the bead if needed.
  3.  Place two beads towards the center of the leather, and three near and end.
  4. Begin by making three connected, continuous loops (one tiny, one medium, one big) with the leather. Leave some space at the top for the earwire. You can use the photo as a guide of how the shape of the leather should appear. There should be two faceted beads on the inner loop, and three on the outer. This step may take a couple of tries to get right!
  5. Add the crimp bead to the top of the loop to create a teardrop shape, with a small bit of leather on top for earwire. Squeeze the bead with pliers.
  6. Take a head pin, and slide on the skull bead. Trim and loop the top of the headpin.
  7. Open up a textured jumpring, slide of the headpin & skull bead, then attach it to the smallest leather loop.
  8. Attach an earwire to the top leather loop.
  9. Repeat steps 2-8 for a second earring!


3 thoughts on “Leather & Howlite Skull Earrings

    1. I added the link for the barrel beads. They do come in several finishes too, besides the silver. Try typing barrel in the search window on the home page of the website, they should come up. They work really good on wrap bracelets too.


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