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Amazonite Chain Tassel Earrings


We love a stone that has a meaning that supplements its external beauty, and Amazonite is rich with connotations of health and balance. Amazonite was said to have adorned the battle gear of the fierce female Amazon warriors, and is also said to have a rejuvenating effect on the heart and throat chakras.

We’ve also been seeing a lot of chain tassels around the department stores and in magazines lately and wanted to incorporate them into jewelry to show you how easy they are to make. There’s something really fun about a chain tassel – it’s a little more business than a fabric tassel. And, it doesn’t get dirty as easily.

Will these earrings make you feel like a cool, calm, and collected warrior? You’ll have to make them and find out for yourself!


18 Inches of Small Hammered Flat Cable Chain in Antique Silver
Eyepins in Nickel
Hook Style Earwires in Antique Silver
Small Oval Jumprings in Bright Rhodium
4mm Heishi Disks
Tall Radiant Cones
Amazonite 8-10mm Chips



  1. Begin by cutting your chain into 1.5 inch pieces. You should have twelve total pieces.
  2. Open up an eyepin, and add six pieces to the loop. Close the loop, and thread the cone onto the eyepin so that it covers the top of the chain.
  3. Loop the top of the eyepin above the cone.
  4. On another eyepin, add a heishi disk, an Amazonite Chip, and another heishi disk. Loop the eyepin at the top, add this peice to the chain tassel piece.
  5. At the top of the earring, use a small oval jumpring to connect the earring to an earwire.
  6. Follow the steps again to create your second earring!


These earrings can also be made in a variety of colorways! Switch it up with gold or copper findings, or different stones.

How would you style these earring? Let us know in the comments.


Earrings made by Lindsey Stockert for Bello Modo

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