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Little Bean Necklace & Earrings



This past week my 7 year old grandson came to spend some time with us, and among other things we made this set for his mom. She has always referred to him as her “Little Bean”, so the Green Girl Bean bead was the inspiration for the necklace.


He was attracted to a strand of Green Aventurine. Even though he had lots to choose from this was the one he kept coming back to. Interestingly, Aventurine, according to lore is said to benefit one in all areas of creativity, and imagination, as well as intellect and mental clarity, and it enhances prosperity, bringing career success, a stone of luck. Since she has gone back to school to get her degree, this might have been the perfect choice!

So, we had the bean and the stones, with a few additions we ended up with a lovely set. Hearts from a boy to his mom.



Materials Used:

I started by crimping one end of the wire, leaving a small 5mm loop of wire to use to connect to the chain. Once you have it crimped begin stringing all but 3 of the beads, alternating with an O bead,  on a 10-12″ strand of beading wire. It’s good to have a few extra inches to make crimping easy. Once all the beads are on, end with an O Bead then add the second crimp and then run the wire back through the crimp leaving a small loop of wire for the connection to the chain.

Now it’s time to add the chain. For a 16″ necklace you would need about 10″ of chain. this allows you a couple of inches for a dangle so that the necklace is adjustable for comfort, allowing it to fit at up to 18″. If you want it longer just add more chain. Divide the chain into two pieces one 2″ longer than the other, and open the ending ring in each one and add to the wire loops you created. You also have options here. you could add a jump ring with a bit more room and then add two lengths of chain to each side to change up the design. For this one I only added one piece of chain per side, the 6mm beads seemed best with a daintier look but if you were using bigger stones then maybe two strands would be good for balance.

The Bead Bead ( you could use any shape of style bead) is put together on an eye-pin, adding the heart charm to the eye, along with two of the 4mm faceted beads, one on each end. Create a wrapped loop at the top and use a jump ring to add it to the center of the beaded strand.

Add the lobster clasp to the smaller chain side and use a headpin with one bead and one O bead to create a loop to hang from the end of the longer chain, Add it into the last ring in the chain and make a wrapped loop.

The earrings are simple but graceful, with Eurowire ear wires, and 4mm faceted bead on each side of one of the 6mm beads on eye-pins, with simple loops at the end to go onto the ear wires. The charms attach on the eye-pin loops.

A simple design that can be changed up in a variety of ways!

Enjoy! Pam

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