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Holly Berry Holiday Set



Ashley & Lindsey teamed up to make this quick and simple, yet elegant jewelry to wear when you need a classic set to adorn yourself anytime of the year.  Once the components have been gathered, the ring, bracelet, and earrings are finished in about thirty minutes. The red domes give this set it’s “holiday” feel but other colors can be used to match your favorite outfit, or your organizations colors.

The Three Muses earrings are also a very quick and easy project, smart and inspirational! Could be a great gift idea.






1 x Earring Bezels ~ Large Oval Antique Gold

1 x Three Muses Cameo White on Black 18x13mm (2pcs)

1 x Ring Adjustable – 18mm Large Circle Antique Gold

1 x Bracelet ~ Large Circle Bracelet Antique Gold

2 x Glass Pearl Cabochons 10mm – Brick

1 x Super New Glue


For the Earrings and Bracelet:

Working with one bezel at a time, place two small drops of Super New Glue into a bezel, use the tip of the bottle to spread the glue around and then carefully set your cabochon into the bezel.  Hold down firmly for a moment.  Repeat with the remaining bezels.

For the Ring:

The cabochon does not quite fit flush into the bezel of the ring, so be sure to use enough glue that the cabochon is secure, but not so much that it seeps around the edges.  (editors note: “Crystal Clay would be a good fit for this project too, less stress about dripping glue”). Before you place your cabochon on the bezel, the ring will need to be in an upright position.

A  couple ideas for stabilizing the ring while the glue cures:

  • Tape the ring to a table in an upright position
  • Cut a small hole in a piece of foam and use it to hold the ring upright
  • Nestle it in a small bowl of rice.

Let the glue cure for at least 15-30 minutes.

This tutorial was created especially for Bello Modo by Lindsey Stockert & Wild Human Designs.






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