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Chrysolite Etruscan Earrings | DIY Tutorial


These earrings remind me of my backyard on an early autumn morning. The Vintaj Etruscan connectors mimic the curves and swirls of my garden bench, and the light greens harken thoughts of the early morning fog settling on the moss that grows all over the patio. These earrings are simple, and the crystal bicones add a fun sparkle. I’m absolutely in love with this Vintaj connector, and was really excited to finally be able to use it!


2x Vintaj 2-Hole Etruscan Connectors
4x 6mm Swarovski Bicones in Chrysolite
2x Glass Maple Leaves in Sea Green MA
2x 8/0 Toho Semi Glazed Seed Beads in Honeydew
2x 5.25mm Vintaj Jumprings
2x Headpins in Brass Oxide
2x Eyepins in Brass Oxide
2x Vintaj French Earwires


  1. Take a headpin, and add a maple leaf, a seed bead, then a bicone. Trim off any excess metal from the headpin, then loop at the top.
  2. Connect the headpin piece to the bottom of the Etruscan connector.
  3. Take an eyepin, add a bicone, then trim & loop it at the top. Connect this piece to the top of the Etruscan connector.
  4. Add a jumpring to the tip, then add an earwire.
  5. Repeat steps for a second earring.

You can, of course, make these in a variety of colors ways. These earrings are simple and elegant, and they’re sure too look great with whatever color you choose!


Tutorial by Blaine Ewig for Bello Modo

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