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Quick & Easy Memory Wire Bracelets


Memory wire is a really fun material to work with. It holds shape and is easy to string beads onto. Usually, memory wire bracelets are made as one long continuous bracelet with several loops, but for this short project I decided to make several single-loop bracelets so that they can be mixed and matched or worn separately, like bangles.

The colors of the Jeweltone Drop Mix remind me of harvesting sea glass from the beach as a kid, and coming home with a small jars of beautiful shades of blues and greens. I also love the colors of this bracelet because they remind me of summer, a welcome feeling during these dreary late autumn days.

I love the look of one or two simple bracelets like these, and these seed bead colors are so beautiful that they deserve a little bit of the spotlight!


Gold Plated Memory Wire
8/0 Round Duracoat Seed Beads in Sea Opal OP
8/0 Round Duracoat Seed Beads in Fennel OP
8/0 Round Hybrid Seed Beadsin Serenity OP
Miyuki Drops Mix in Jeweltone

Round Nose Pliers
Wire Cutters



  1. Take your memory wire, and cut off one full loop from the coil.
  2. Loop one end of the memory wire.
  3. Begin adding beads. For the bracelets pictured, I made a pattern of three duracoat beads, the one drop bead. The bracelet pictured farthest right uses the following pattern: five duracoat beads in fennel, a drop bead, five duracoat beads in Sea Opal, another drop bead
  4. Once you’ve filled up the wire loop with beads, leave a small of wire. Loop the remaining wire to finish.




Tutorial by Blaine Ewig for Bello Modo


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