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North Coast Necklace & Earring Set


I am in love with the new Nunn Design charms and pendants. Beautifully made, and a bit of patina added to bring up the design worked well for this set. So much fun putting this together, you could easily adapt this design to fit what you have in your stash.

I love the puffy ovals as they mirror the natural theme, their patina has a hint of teal in it even though it doesn’t show in the picture. For some reason these escaped listing, so I will get them listed shortly. The Table-Cut Flower Beads fit perfectly in the bezels, glued in with a drop of two of Super New Glue.


1 – Denali Pendant

2- Redwood Charms

Gilder’s Paste  (I used the Verdigris)

3mm Round Beads

6mm Brass beads

Puffy Ovals (not currently listed)

Table-Cut 12mm Flower Beads

2 – 11mm Twisted Jump Rings

1 – Textured Jump Ring

8 – Oval Jump Rings

Crimp Beads (Crimp Bead Covers recommended too)

Beading Wire

18″ – Small Textured Cable Chain

4 – Mini Links Circle Bezels

1 – Hammered Toggle Bar and Ring


1 pair of Ear Wires or of your choice

Super New Glue or similar glue

Tools Needed:

a set of Pliers, Chain and or Flat Nose

Crimping Pliers


The first thing I did was apply the Gilder’s Paste to all 3 charms by using a cloth or your finger to pick up some from the container and then rub it on the charms, burnishing it into the details. Let it sit either for a couple of hours or overnight to cure and become permanent.

While waiting on the patina, glue in the Table-Cut Flower Beads or your own choice of bead or cabochon, into the Bezels. The Super New Glue cures up fast so they will be good to go in a couple of minutes. If using a different glue pay attention to its drying time.

Next cut 14-15″ of beading wire. The part of the necklace that is on the beading wire is about 8-9″ long but it’s good to have extra for crimping. String 16 of the small brass beads to be the center of the necklace then add the 6mm brass beads alternating with the puffy ovals (or your own choice of bead) 3 times, ending with a final 6mm brass bead. Repeat on the other side. Crimp a small loop on each side and add one oval jump ring to the crimped loop, adding in one of the circle link bezels to the jump ring and close. Pay attention to the orientation of the bezel, as you want to naturally fall to the front, not the back. Repeat on the other side.

Next cut your chain in half and using an oval jump ring, hook it in the bezel loop and into the center loop of the chain so that it folds in two. Repeat on the other side. Now is a good time, before adding the clasp to check for length. Hold it up to your neck, is it the right length? if it seems long its easy to trim off some of the chain from each end at this point. Once you are satisfied with the length use two more oval jump rings and catch the last ring in each of the two chain pieces in the toggle ring on one side and do the same with the other two pieces of chain into the toggle bar.

The final step is to attach the Denali Pendant to the center of the necklace with a 9mm jump ring.


Using two of the circle link bezels that have previously had the beads glued in, and add the Redwood charms that have previously been patina’d to one of the links with an oval jump ring. Using a second oval jump ring attach the ear wire. Repeat to finish up the pair.





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