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Uptown Lolita Earrings | DIY Tutorial


Halloween is over, but that doesn’t mean we can’t stop enjoying all of the scary fun that comes along with it. The Lolita Skeleton Cameos may give a nod to the macabre, but these earrings are anything but lifeless.  The pink of the pearls and the peach of the Lolita Cameos are a near match and the light gold pearls compliment the ivory of the cameo so well. They’re got a cute and delicate look that we absolutely adore.

In this tutorial, we used the 1-Step Loop Pliers to make loops on our headpins. We can’t rave enough about how much we love them- they make looping headpins and eyepins so fast and easy. Plus, they reduce the amount of wasted wire from mess-ups!


2x 25×18 Lolita Skeleton Cameo in Ivory on Peach
2x Bezel
4x Jumpring in Antique Silver
2x Eyepins in Nickel
2x Hook Style Earwire in Antique Silver
6x Headpins in Nickel
2x 8mm Swarovski Pearls in Pink Coral
4x 5mm Swarovski Pearls in Pink Coral
2x 5mm Swarovski Pearls in Light Gold
Super New Glue
1-Step Looper Pliers


  1. Using Super New Glue, glue the Lolita Cameo into the bezel. Wait about 20 minutes until dry.
  2. Take an eyepin, and add an 8mm pearl in pink coral.
  3. At one end of the eyepin with the pearl, attach a jumpring, then an earwire. Trim, loop, and close. Then, attach the bottom to the top of the bezel.
  4. Add a 5mm coral pink pearl to a headpin, then loop the headpin using the 1-Step Loop Pliers. Repeat this with another 5mm pink coral pearl, then with a 5mm light gold pearl.
  5. Add all three pearl & headpins to a jumpring, and attach the jumpring to the bottom of the bezel.
  6. Repeat steps 1-5 for a second earring. Enjoy!

And of course, you can always use different colored pearls and cameos (as long as it’s the right size) to customize your earrings!


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