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Men’s Semi-Precious Stone Stackable Bracelets



I adore making jewelry that my fiancee will enjoy and wear often, because he wants to and not just to please me!  This stackable set of bracelets was even better received than I could have anticipated.  It all started one day when he was feeling kind of down and I was inspired to create a special set of bracelets with hematite beads.  Hematite is one of the many reasons we ended up together!  Before we were dating, he reached out to me, knowing that I had a passion for studying the metaphysical aspects of stones and asked me for help in finding a stone to combat some depression and anxiety he was experiencing.  I immediately thought of hematite and gave him a couple of giant chunks!

He carried the stones around often and said he believed them to have provided some sort of energetic assistance as he moved through his grief.  Two years later, in love and engaged, I noticed he could use a little boost and I knew that this bracelet set would be just the perfect blend of showing I care along with a touch of metaphysical medicine.







  1.  Cut your stretch cord about 4″ longer than you will need. Stretch the cord firmly, but gently, several times.  This helps to prevent the bracelet from stretching out too much over time.
  2. Tie a temporary overhand knot as a stopper at the end of the cord and begin stringing your beads.  For these bracelets, string one stone bead and one seed bead, alternating until you reach your desired length.
  3. The bracelets I made used 27 stone beads each.  If you are making bracelets for a smaller or larger wrist, you will need to adjust accordingly.  It is helpful to be able to hold the unfinished bracelet on the wrist of the intended recipient before tying, but of course this is not always possible.  When you are satisfied with the length of your bracelet, it is time to tie the knots.
  4. Pull the cord so that it is just slightly stretched and tie a surgeon’s knot, followed by another surgeon’s knot.
  5. Place a small drop of HypoCement onto the knot and let dry.
  6. Repeat this process until you have made your intended number of bracelets.


Tip:  The leftover beads made a great little bracelet for my middle son and now he has a bracelet just like dad!

Created especially for Bello Modo by Wild Human Designs.




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