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Birthstone Bracelet for Mom


The jewelry I create is often due to a mood I am in or a feeling I want to cultivate in myself.  Lately, I have been ruminating too often about the time I must spend away from my beautiful sons while I work and attend college rather than appreciating them and thinking of the good stuff while I am away from home.  This bracelet is absolutely just what I needed to add a bit of sparkle to my wrist and every time it catches my eye, I am reminded to focus on the time we do share and of my love for them.

il_570xn-1037289416_na7eThere are a variety of birthstone charts, traditional and modern, Eastern or Western, and I am sure many other versions.  The one that is most often referred to when creating fine jewelry is from the American Gem Society.  Tierracast has incorporated Swarovski #2088 SS34 Crystals into stepped bezel charms, links, and drops to create excellent items perfect for birthstone jewelry!


My boys were born in June, April, and October so they ended up with purple, crystal, and pink stones!  They may never want to wear “girly” colors, but it sure turned out to be a gorgeous collection of colors for my mothers bracelet.   I made this bracelet with rhodium finished components, we carry the components in gold plated as well.


1 x Link – Stepped Bezel SS34 Light Amethyst Bright Rhodium

1 x Link – Stepped Bezel SS34 Crystal Bright Rhodium

1 x Link – Stepped Bezel SS34 Rose Bright Rhodium

1 x Chain – Cable 10mm Imitation Rhodium (this will be enough for two bracelets)

1 x Mag-Lok Magnetic Clasp – 8mm Silver Plated

1 x Jumpring – Round 4mm, 20G Silver (100pcs)



  • 1. Add a jumpring to each side of the first birthstone link and attach it to the next link. Continue in this way until you have all of the links connected and be sure to add a jumpring to the last loop on the last link.
  • 2.  The number of children you have or how many birthstone links you incorporate into the bracelet, will determine the length of chain that you will need to use for the bracelet.  Take a measurement of your wrist, subtract the length of the clasp and the length of the birthstone links.  This is the approximate length of chain you need, separate it into two pieces. The great thing about this chain is that it is not soldered, so that means it is easy to add and subtract links if you need to!
  • 3.  Take one piece of the chain and attach it using the jumpring already on the link to the row of birthstone links.  Repeat on second side.
  • 4.  Using one jumpring per side, attach the clasp to the chain and you are done!


Although this is a very “quick and easy” project to put together, it holds so much meaning to me as it is a reminder of the blessing it is to be a mother and how each of my children adds a bit of sparkle to my life!


Alternative Components for a Gold Bracelet:

Chain – Cable 10mm Antique Gold

Links – Stepped Bezel SS34 – Bright Gold

Jumpring – Round 4mm, 20G Gold (100pcs)

Mag-Lok Magnetic Clasp – 8mm Gold Plated


Created especially for Bello Modo by Wild Human Designs.


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