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Memory Wire Mix Bracelet


Memory wire makes putting a bracelet together a snap. You can be playful, mix and match beads and findings, colors and shapes. Just figure out how many wraps you want, cut maybe a bit more to be sure it fits right and start stringing!




To begin with, after cutting whatever length I want, I like to either glue an end ball on or using my round nose pliers, and make a wrap at the end to create a safe ending. Wrap it around the round nose plier at least twice to make a secure ending that is not scratchy. I really prefer the glue on ball ends but sometimes ‘ an option so the twisted end is a good solution.

With one end secured you can load on the beads and findings at will. I chose the picasso mix for this bracelet as I love all the different shapes and colors, so easy! I also like to use plenty of heishi in bracelets. I think of them as palate cleansers, they make the mind stop and slow down, are pleasing to see the change-up. So every bead is separated with a 3mm heishi.

You do really have a lot of options, there is no one way, and you can be as casual or detailed and have it turn out looking great so have fun!



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