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Christmas Jewelry Making Ideas

Do you have your holiday gift or decor projects picked out?  If not, or if you are hoping for holiday inspiration, this article is for you!  Here at Bello Modo, we have a sizeable collection of christmas-themed beads, books, kits, and other crafty supplies.  To start with, I am going to link some of our Bead Mixes that come in traditional Christmas colors…


What else is there?  To start with we have a really neat book called A Very Beaded Christmas:46 Projects that Glitter, Twinkle & Shine.  As the title suggests, there are 46 different projects in the book including ornaments, centerpieces, handmade gifts, and more. Anyone who can string or glue or stitch can make these fun and charming wreaths, holiday cards, one-of-a-kind stockings, and gift bags.  The photos in this book are wonderful!  Just check out this adorable miniature gift box created with a matchbox and beads!  Of course, you could use this inspiration to create a similar beaded box with any number of size boxes.





Maybe you need something to put that perfect touch on a package you have just finished wrapping?  Or a stocking that needs a final touch of class?  Here is a wonderful, hand-dyed silk ribbon that lends itself to such a task, 7/16″Hand Dyed Silk Ribbon – Olde English Christmas.  This ribbon is sold by the yard.  Another fun ribbon is the Pom Pom Ribbon – Christmas.


Plenty of Christmas charms or drops are available in sets or by the piece…94235712





Working on some mixed media project or need a cute image under some resin in a bezel?


Next up are buttons, cameos, and cabochons!  



Finally, we come to our wonderful patterns and kits!  We have created many fun and sparkly Holiday Earring Kits using Swarovski crystals and pearls.  Tierracast and Miyuki have both developed several Christmas-themed kits that Bello Modo carries all year round.

Here is our line-up for this season:

Crystal Holiday Earring Kitsbear.stackofpresents.kit.jpg



Miyuki Craft Kitsreindeer-miyuki



Tierracast Kitssp693200




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