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North Cascades Double Hoop Earrings

The natural and subtle beauty of the new Fall Collection Nature Charms from Nunn Design have all of us at Bello Modo fervent to create jewelry with the charms and hoops.  Lindsey has created an incredibly gorgeous and unique pair of earrings, blending metal finishes and shapes in just a way so as to have movement in the earrings and playful beauty between the colors and shapes of the components.






These earrings have an interesting new earwire that we have just brought into our line.  The flattened curve of this earwire is pleasing to the eye and works well to accentuate the circles and ovals found throughout the earrings.




  • 1.  First, you will create 18 jump ring components.  They are *1 Textured Oval, 1 Oval Small, 1 Textured Oval*   When you are finished, set them aside for now.
  • 2. Use one Textured Oval jumpring to hold the the Grande Hoop and Large Hoop together and attach the North Cascades charm before closing the jumpring. (See picture at the top for clarification.)
  • 3. Open two Textured Oval jump rings and put them around the hoops, on either side of the first jumpring.  Use one more Textured Oval jumpring to connect the two and attach that to the earwire.
  • 4.  Now it is time to attach 9 of your jump ring components to connect the copper hoop to the larger silver hoop.  This will take time, so patience is key.  The tedious task of opening and closing many jump rings can be hard on the fingers, even with the cushy grips of Wubbers Pliers.  We have an excellent Finger Pro Tape that works well to protect fingers while doing repetitive tasks with pliers or other tools.
  • 5. Open one Textured Oval jumpring at a time and attach it to the copper hoop.  Then open one bottom Textured Oval at a time to connect the compenents to the silver hoop.
  • 6. Repeat steps #2-5 to complete the second earring.


Alternative Design Ideas:

  • Use Patina or Gilders Paste to add some color or antiquing to the charm or other components.
  • Mix up the metal finishes, we also carry these items in gold.
  • Switch out the charm to another of your choosing.
  • Use more or less of the jumpring components that connect the small and large hoops.





Earrings designed by Lindsey Stockert for Bello Modo.


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