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Need a holiday gift but short on time? Check out our ‘Quick & Easy’ Earring Tutorials



I know only too well how the holidays can close in on you, leaving little time to make gifts. I prefer, whenever possible to make gifts as it’s more personal (and also more economical).

It’s very possible to make something lovely and personal that only takes a few minutes to put together, and would be expensive to purchase. For example, the earrings shown here, are very easy to put together, but literally take 5 minutes to make. Picking out the components takes more time, seriously!

Earrings can be a fun and personal gift for a sibling, niece, daughter, co-worker, aunt, or grandmother, not to mention mom 🙂


A lot of the charms used in these examples are enameled by a small company in California, I really like using ‘Made in America’ in my designs. The butterflies and Scarabs come in other colors too, so you can choose a color to your liking.


I am planning to challenge myself to do one pair of earrings a year for 2017, and I will begin the year with these examples. Which ones are your favorites? (never mind the loop that is not closed on the Gecko earrings, oops!).

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