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Using Semi-Precious Double Drill Stone Beads



Double Drilled Semi-Precious Beads are lovely, feel good on the wrist and can be incorporated in many jewelry designs. I find them pleasing to use for bracelets. Pictured are three examples, with beads and crystals in between to add space and contrast, movement and color.

Any two-Holed Clasp will work, I am fond of the TierraCast Large D-Ring Clasps, easy to use and setup. You can add chain or multiple jump rings for ease or to increase the width.

These beads could be used in necklaces and earrings too, as spacers or for design and contrast.

Have you found an interesting way to use these beads? I’d love to see what you have done with them.


One thought on “Using Semi-Precious Double Drill Stone Beads

  1. These bracelets are very nice–love the reddish one. If I may make a suggestion-could you please list what ingredients are used in each one. I am not very good at making color choices, or knowing exactly what findings or sizes are needed –a kit works so much better for me. Thanks


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