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Czech Glass Button Brooch


We recently received a selection of these gorgeous Peacock buttons and when I first saw them I immediately thought about the Nunn Design Round Ornate Brooch pins, wondering if they might fit, and sure enough they fit perfectly! Any button with the right diameter works fine too, the Inside Diameter is 31.9mm so a button that is 30mm in diameter is perfect.

To make the pin I first cut off the shank on the back. Luckily, these buttons have a metal shank, if it was glass it would be a deal breaker, as the process to remove a glass bezel is a lot more dicey.


Then I mixed up a small batch of 2-Part Epoxy, my choice of glues to use when you want a permanent bond from glass to metal.

I like to use paper, a paper plate works good or a scrap of cardboard to mix on as it make clean up much easier. When done just toss in the garbage.

Put two equal sized pea shaped globs of each part side by side on the paper and once you are happy that they are the same size use a tooth pick or disposable chop stick to throughly mix the two parts together into one. Using the same tooth pick transfer sections of the glue into the bezel, spreading evenly all over the base of the bezel. You have 5 minutes till it hardens up so focus on this till its done, maybe turn off the phone, put the cat out, and instruct loved ones to stay back.

You want to make sure you have enough glue to give the back of the button good contact with it without over flowing the edge of the bezel. Once you have it setup the way you want it carefully position the button in the bezel making contact with the glue.

One good tip: have a setup for the pin bezel to sit in while its curing that allows for the pin on the back. Something as simple as two books slid close together so the pin on the back can hang in between allowing the bezel to lay flat or a piece of styrafoam sheeting with a channel cut in it for the pin to lay in, even a cup of rice to settle it into will work. Have this in place ready to go before you start mixing the glue.

Give the glue a bit of time to cure once you have placed the button and then its permanent and ready to go! Congrats on your new creation, and thanks for reading!


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