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Fun with Fashion Stretch Spandex Ribbon


I was tasked with the opportunity to cut some yardage of this fun, silky, and stretchy Spandex Ribbon and play around with it, making jewelry or whatever else I could think of and write up some tutorials on what can be done with the ribbon.  With so many vibrant colors and patterns to choose from, I settled on several and holed up in the studio for a couple hours playing around.  Once I decided on the designs, the actual time to completion for each item was pretty quick!  What are you inspired to create with this stretchy ribbon?

“Remember to Breathe” Wrap Bracelet


Above, you see the components for the first wrap bracelet.  I stretched two lengths of navy and one length of beige to get the tubular shape, added beads and findings, braided the ribbons together, and finished with a clasp to create a bracelet that wraps 2-3 times around my wrist, depending on how tight I want to wear it.



Additional Items – Jump rings or Parawire to make jump rings,  Super New Glue, Scissors, Pliers for making/cutting and opening/closing jump rings.



  • Start by snipping the end of each piece of spandex ribbon into a point.  Do this by folding the ribbon in half lengthwise near the end and cut at an angle so the end is a point. This will make it easier to thread the ribbon through the beads and other components.
  • Stretch each cord.  This will lengthen them a bit and turn them into a tubular shape.
  • Starting with the Breathe link, add it to one of the blue ribbons, by first threading it through one hole, moving it to the middle, and then threading it through the second hole.
  • Place the 8mm and 10mm Legend Beads onto the gold ribbon.  I alternated them, you may add them in whatever order you wish, spacing them out along the ribbon.
  • Now, take 4 Lucite  Baby Leaves and using a jump ring, attach them to the Beaded Bead with Loop.  I made my jump rings from 20g Parawire.  You could also use pre made jump rings. Thread these onto the second blue lycra ribbon.
  • Lay the three ribbons next to each other and space the beads out so that they are staggered down the ribbons.  After you braid them together, you can still move the beads around if needed.
  • Holding the three ribbons together, tie a tight overhand knot at one end of the ribbons. (I use my pliers here to grab those ribbon ends and pull hard to get a tight knot.) Using the Mini Macrame Board, or another cord management option, tuck your ribbons into one of the slots and start your braid.
  • This is a traditional three strand braid, such as you would use in your hair.  You can braid tightly or loosely, the look is up to you.  Braid to the end of the ribbon and tie another tight overhand knot.
  • Check the length by wrapping the bracelet around your wrist several times and accommodating for the length of your chosen clasp, trim the ribbons a bit if needed.  If the braid ends up being the wrong length, just figure out where you want the end to be, tie another overhand knot and snip off the remainder of the braided ribbon.
  • If you are using the Kumihimo style clasp as shown in this tutorial, the overhand knot will be glued into the end cap.  Snip the ribbon just barely past the knot and using Super New Glue or your choice of glue, drop some glue into the cap and squish your knot into the cap.  Let it cure for about a half hour before wearing.


“Go Team!” Crochet Headband


This head band could be made in favorite colors, team spirit colors, school colors, or any two colors or patterns you like from our stock of Fashion Stretch Spandex Ribbon!




  • Start by tying an overhand knot with both colors, but holding the green ribbon about 4-5″ inches from the end of the purple and tying the knot there.  Pull the green ribbon tight and trim the end close to the knot.
  • Now make a single crochet chain using both colors for 6-7″.   This is accomplished by holding the crochet hook in your right hand and making a slip knot with both colors.  Bring the hooked yarn through slip knot and onto hook. This creates one chain stitch. Repeat Steps 2 and 3 until you the desired length is produced. The Craft Yarn Council has a great and simple tutorial on this technique if you would like to see pictures.
  • When you reach the desired length, remove the crochet hook and tie an overhand knot to match the first one.  Pull tight and trim the green ribbon close to the knot.
  • I left about 3-4″ of purple ribbon on either side of the single crochet band to go around the back of the wearers’ head.  Be sure the lengths are the same and tie a final overhand knot.  Once again, pull it tight and trim the ends.

“Cheery Bird in a Tree” Wrap Bracelet

This one is so simple, it only takes a few moments to put it all together and really brightens up my day!





  • Take your three colors and stretch the ribbons so that they turn into tubular cords.
  • Slide the Bird in a Tree Link to the middle of the blue ribbon.  Tie an overhand knot on either side, about an inch and a half from either side of the link.  This is optional, I added the knots to create a bit of texture to the bracelet.
  • Holding all three colors together, thread the Celtic Slide Link onto all the ribbons and slide to where the knot is on the blue ribbon near the Bird in a Tree link, or if you have not made a knot, a couple inches from the Bird in a Tree link.  Do this on each side and add as many of the sliders as you want!  I have decided to use three on either side of the centerpiece for a total of 6 Celtic Slide Links.
  • You can add a clasp or you can just tie a knot to connect the two sides of the bracelet.  I tied the 6 ends together in a square knot and now I can just wrap the bracelet a few times around my wrist and I am ready to go!  
*The Celtic Slide Links are easy to move, so if they do not land where you prefer them when you wrap the bracelet around your wrist, just gently move them about until they are where you want.
*I suggested 1-2 yards of the Fashion Stretch Spandex Ribbon because you may prefer more or less wraps than I created.  If you end up with extra length after your bracelet is completed, you can use it to make the next project, Perfect Hair Ties!

I love how bright and cheery this bracelet has turned out!  I truly feel happy just looking at it. This is something that I adore about creating jewelry, it is possible to evoke and inspire feelings with thoughtful use of color and components.

Perfect Hair Ties


As you may have guessed, this is the easiest project ever!   I wore one of these hair ties to test it out, taking it on and off throughout the day (and overnight) to see how it stretched, using it for full and half ponytails and the end of a braid.  The amazing thing is that this IS the perfect hair tie!  The one I am testing has yet to lose any of its stretch and the color is staying wonderfully vibrant!  Make them larger for extra-thick hair or smaller for thinner hair or for little girls.

Fashion Stretch Spandex pictured above: Blue, Orange, and White Floral.


  • Choose your colors and stretch your cords.
  • Measure about 5-6″ inches and tie a tight overhand knot and cut the tied piece from the length of ribbon.  Continue on in this way until you run out of ribbon.
  • Alternatively, you could cut the 6″ pieces and then tie the knots, I found the method described above gave a cleaner look and I did not have to fiddle with small chunks making knots.
  • Clean up the knots by cutting straight across the ends, about 1/4″ from the knot.
*These hair ties make super cute sets for a gift.  Choose coordinating, contrasting, special colors, or even all one color!  Consider adding a special bead to one or more of the hair ties to go from simple to absolutely unique.
* Find some pretty cardstock and slide the hair ties onto the card stock for a perfect, personalized gift.


Designed by Wild Human Designs especially for Bello Modo.

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