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Love Is in the Air – A Valentine’s Day Necklace

ash-valentine-1It all started with the plan to make a quick and simple bracelet featuring a component from the new Nunn Design Winter 2017 line.  That idea blossomed into a gorgeous necklace that is something I will treasure for the rest of my life!  This is the first time I have tried out the technique of making a “bundled” pendant of a variety of charms and beads.  It is also the first time I have used Swarovski pearls!  I am incredibly thrilled with how this necklace, birthed from the idea of an easy-peasy bracelet, has come to life!

There are many components to this necklace, but please do not be shy!  Use your own artist’s imagination to swap out any colors or charms to make it your own.


26 x 10mm Large Holed Swarovski Pearl – Rosaline (A)

3 x 5mm Swarovski Pearls – Rosaline (B)

3 x Swarovski Drop Pearl – Rosaline (C)

1 x 12mm Firepolish – Apollo Gold (8pcs) (D)

1 x 4mm Firepolish – Apollo Gold (50pcs) (E)

1 x 6/0 Round – #Y630 HYBRID Sueded Gold F)

1 x 6/0 Round – #Y603 HYBRID Flax GA (G)

1 x Bead Cushion Oval – Clear – 50pcs (H)

1 x Primitive Elongated Oval Tag Single Loop – Antique Gold

Tierracast Letter Charms

1 x Charm Itsy Circle Heart – Antique Gold

1 x Gold Filled 2x2mm Crimps (20pcs)

1 x Crimp Cover – 3mm Gold Filled (25pcs)

1 x Gold Filled Wire Protectors .021 ID

1 x Head Pin – 2″ 24G Gold Filled (10pcs)

1 x Eye Pin – 2″ 22G Gold Filled (8pcs)

1 x Delicate Small Hearts Chain 4.5mm Bright Gold

1 x Jump Ring 11mm – Large Rope Antique Gold (6pcs)

1 x Jump Ring 17mm – Grande Rope Antique Gold (6pcs)

1 x Jump Ring 9mm – Textured Oval Antique Gold (25pcs)

1 x Jump Ring 4.5mm – Small Antique Gold (pk of 125)

1 x Petite Plain Hinged Bail – Gold

1 x 15mm Lobster Clasp – Antique Gold (4pcs)

1 x Chain ~ Large Textured Cable Chain Antique Gold

1 x 19 Strand .018 Diameter 24 KT Gold Plate 30′

1 x Baroque Art Gilders Paste – White

Additional Tools Used:

Alcohol Ink Fillable Pen Replacement Nibs Set, Wire Cutters, Crimp Pliers, Chain Nose Pliers, Flat Nose Pliers, Alphabet Metal Stamps



Start this necklace by putting together the bits and baubles you will need, stamp your pieces, and use the gilders paste to add color where you like. (Editor’s Note: Ink or Acrylic paint works good too. )

  • Stamp your Elongated Oval Tag with the letters L-O-V-E.  Please be gentle with your stamping as these particular tags are much softer than others I have worked with. Connect 1 – Oval Jump Ring, 1 x 4.5mm Jump Ring, and 1 – Oval Jump Ring to the hole on the tag.
  • Use Gilders Paste to add color to the letters on the tag, as well as your heart charm and letters charms.  I use a paper towel to wipe color into the stamped letters and then wipe of the excess.  The heart charm was a bit trickier to get the color to cover the black patina already on the piece.  This is where I used the Alcohol Ink Nibs. Another idea would be to use cotton swabs.
  • Take 1 – Oval Jump Ring, and connect it to an 11mm Rope Jump ring. To the Rope jump ring, slide your first letter, the heart on an oval jump ring, and then add the second letter.
  • Take two eye pins and add “E-B-E”.  Finish with a simple loop on each.
  • Repeat the same “E-B-E” with a headpin, also finishing with a simple loop and a 4.5mm jump ring.
  • On 3 head pins, add one “C” to each, finish each with a simple loop.  Add a 4.5mm jump ring to each.


Making the Bundle of Baubles

  • Set one 17mm Grande Rope Jump Ring on your workspace.
  • To a 4.5mm Jump ring, one of the”E-B-E” pieces and then add another 4.5 jump ring.  Attach about 2 inches of the heart chain, another 4.5 jump ring, the second matching component and finally another 4.5 jump ring.
  • Onto your 17mm Grande Rope jump ring, slide one of the ends of the chain you just put together.
  • Next slide on a “C” component. To that 4.5 mm jump ring, add the next drop pearl component, and to that jump ring, add the third.
  • Slide the tag, using the ending oval jump ring, next onto the Grande Jump Ring.
  • Next add your mini bundle of letters and the heart charm.
  • Finally, slide the end of the heart chain piece onto 17mm Grande Rope Jump ring and close the jump ring.
  • For this piece, I have used the Petite Plain Bail upside down!  I did this as I like the slick way the smaller end of the bail sits between pearls and seed beads, as well as  the Grande Jump Ring having room for movement.  This makes it an interesting component, too, because whether your love interest or your mood changes, you can change out this Bauble Bundle to any other pendant you might like to hang from the bail!


String the Necklace

  • Cut about 26″ of Flex-rite.  I have added 4″ inches extra in so that you have room to work your line through the wire protectors and crimps.  It can be tricky to get a good crimp when you have little excess stringing material to hold onto, so just add some extra and know that you will have a bit of waste.
  • String one crimp bead, pass through a wire protector, and back through the crimp.  Crimp the bead.  Cover with a Crimp Cover.
  • Following is the pattern that I have used for this necklace:

*G, F, D, F, G, A, H, A, H, A, H, A, H, A, G, F , D, F, G, A, H, A, H, A, H, A, G, F, D, F, G, A, H, A, H, A, G, F, D, F, G, A, F*

  • Slide the bail onto the necklace and then, working in reverse, follow the above pattern again.
  • When you reach the end, slide on a crimp bead, string through a wire protector, and back through the crimp.  Crimp the bead and cover with a Crimp Cover.
  • Add a 4.5mm jump ring to each wire protector.  Secure the Lobster Clasp to one end and to the other end, add a 3″ length of textured oval chain.
  • At the end of the length of chain, connect the “E-B-E” headpin component.

Now you are finished!  I hope that you enjoy creating this special necklace and all of us here at Bello Modo would love to see what your finished piece looks like!  Please feel free to  comment on the blog or e-mail us at if you have any questions about this or other tutorials on our blog!


Created especially for Bello Modo by Ashley Lesh. To see more of Ashley’s work visit her page:  Wild Human Designs



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