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Trendsetter Post Holiday Challenge Ready for Votes!

OK! The Winners are:

1st place: Becca Scott #13

2nd Place: Karen holden #14

3rd Place: Becca Scott #12

Runners up: #1, 2, 3, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 15

The remaining entries will receive a $5.00 Gift certificate.

Thanks and congratulations to all the entries, winners all, we appreciate your time and hard work. Thanks to all who took time to vote too!


We wanted to do something fun and relaxing with the Trendsetter Patterns, and at first were planning on following the intent of the original post from Starman to do this during the holidays but it was hectic and hard to manage a contest in December, our busiest month and I suspected that many people would not be able to play either due to holiday responsibilities so we decided to make this a Post Holiday Challenge.

We now have a stable of over 100 patterns in the Trendsetter Free Pattern folder, and we wanted to do something to highlight all the lovely designs, so, holding this Post-Holiday Challenge felt like it might be a fun after the holidays idea. We asked people to send in photos of jewelry they have made using the Starman Trendsetter patterns. We are pleased to have these entries, and so appreciate all the hard work every did to get these completed.

Each entry has a number from 1 – 15, please post voting for your favorite 3 pieces by number and we will tally the results and award the prizes as listed in the page on the website.

Voting will end Thursday Feb. 16th. Prizes will be announced and awarded shortly after the voting ends.


  • Gift Certificate $100.00 1st place
  • Gift Certificate $50.00 2nd place
  • Gift Certificate $25.00 3rd place
  • 10 Runners up $10.00 Gift Certificate
  • All entrees that did not win will receive a $5.00 gift certificate as a Thank You for entering!

Without further ado, below find the entries:

Frill Seeker by Sherry Palmer. Pattern by Yumiko Watanabe
1 – Frill Seeker by Sherry Palmer. Pattern by Yumiko Watanabe

“Pattern: Trendsetter, Frill Seeker by Yumiko Watanabe
Beads: CzechMates Triangle Halo Regal and Opaque Luster Picasso, Seed Beads: 9/0 Crystal, 11/0 and 15/0 Topaz Lavender Opposite Ice, Pearls 6mm round Lavender Grey.
Clasp Crystal fold-over magnetic”.



2 – Trendsetter Pattern- Just Rollin’ Along
“Lentil – Opaque Green Luster
11/0 Aqua Lined Amethyst AB
3mm Fire Polished Silver
Magnetic Fold-Over Clasp

by Sherry Palmer”


3 - Ka Huang
3 – Katsue Huang

 #3 – Datura pendant by Trendsetter Nichole Starman (top)

CzechMates Crescent siam ruby
CzechMates Crescent green flash at bottom
Round beads 3mm pearl white
Round beads 6mm pearl yellow
Size 15 Toho round beads clear
Size 11 Toho round beads red, precious gold
Size 8 Toho Demi round beads siam

Comment: “I made this pendant observing the Poinsettia around Christmas. Red CzechMates Beads create smooth petal shapes that have deep shadows between them. Though it is a minor challenge to wave, the flower is very beautiful”.


4 - Katsue Huang
4 – Katsue Huang

#4 – Octavia earrings by Trendsetter Ivona Suchmannova (left)

CzechMates crescent flash green
Round beads 4mm green, topaz
Round beads 3mm Turquoise and gold
Round beads 6mm pearl green
Size 8 Toho round beads dark topaz
Size 11 Toho round beads, topaz AB
Size 15 Toho round beads dark topaz, opaque brown
Rizo beads, bronze

Comment: “I imagined evergreens in winter forests as a nice choice of hue as I chose colors for this pendant. The original design itself already had unique rhythm. To expanded the amount of expression, I used rizo beads in lieu of size 8 round beads”.


5 - Katsue Huang
5 – Katsue Huang

#5 – Serendipity earring by Trendsetter Leslee Frumin (right)
CzechMates Lentils bronze and turquoise
Size 11 Toho round beads, topaz AB, cream
Size 15 Toho round beads dark topaz, opaque brown, white

Comment: “This is my most favorite design and color the way I chose. Native American styles seemed most fitting for this design when I chose colors. Turquoise CzechMates Lentils are beautifully matched with two other colors, brown and white cream. The motif is pretty small, not only for earrings, but it can also be used as a zip charm on your favorite jacket”.


Sharon Austin - JustRollin' Along
6 – Sharon Austin – JustRollin’ Along

6 -” This is the “Just Rolling Along” pattern, which is designed by my LBS Owner Eileen Barker for the Trendsetters. A number of her other regulars and myself were given the opportunity to make this up after it had been accepted by Trendsetters, and this is my favorite of the 3 or more variations that I did. The crystals used in place of the fire-polish give this a nice bit of bling for such a basic design. It is my favorite spring bracelet – or as I am still surrounded by over a foot of snow on the ground it is my “I wish it was spring” bracelet”.


Sharon Austin - Russian Crescents
7 – Sharon Austin – Russian Crescents

7 – “Attached please find my entry in the Holiday Workshop contest.Sharon Austin208 272-0617
This is the Russian Crescent design, which I reworked to include 2 rows of the Crescents with 2mm crystals separating them. Many of the components used were from you, others from my stash”.


Sharon Austin - Palmetto Bracelet
8 – Sharon Austin – Palmetto Bracelet

8 – “This is the Palmetto Necklace design that I adapted as a bracelet. I replaced the uppermost round of the necklace with a mirror image of the lower half of the design.I must confess that I worked this up a year or so ago, and it is one of my favorite bracelets. Try as I might it does not photograph well, but I wanted you to see it so here goes!”


Sharon Austin - Marrakesh Express
9 – Sharon Austin – Marrakesh Mosaic



100 thoughts on “Trendsetter Post Holiday Challenge Ready for Votes!

  1. Here are my votes:#11 Maureen Chin  Bracelet#4 Katsue Huang  Earrings#14 Karen Holden Octavia Earrings Thank you,beadingBonnie  


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