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Do you Love Penguins? Using Charms to make Earrings

Cute Penguin Earrings!
Cute Penguin Earrings!

We offer all kinds of charms, and have a line of enameled charms that are cute and fun. This set of teeny tiny Penguins appealed to my love of all things tiny, and I realized they were small enough to fit in the small bezel earrings if I cut off the loops at the top of each one. To make them even more perfect they face left and right making them the perfect charms to make earrings out of.

Now, you could easily just attach them to ear wires, and have a nice set of earrings too, but I wanted the snowy background, using a bit of glittery white glitter. I think these would be a welcome gift for a young lady, but anyone who loves penguins would appreciate these.

using styrofoam sheeting
using styrofoam sheeting

Supplies needed:

Tools needed:

  • UV Light (if using UV Resin)
  • Cutters
  • toothpicks
  • sanding block (optional)
  • A scrap of styrofoam sheeting 1-2″x3x3″ appx.  could be from the packaging of something or a purchased piece from a hobby store.


Get all the supplies and tools together, the styrofoam can be anything, including a piece of cork, anything the ear wire can poke into leaving the bezels laying flat. Flat is the important part as you want the bezels to cure level. Also, if using resin make sure its a fairly small piece, no higher than 2″ and appx. 3″ in width to make it easy to slide into the UV light.

To start with, if using resin or glue put in a couple of drops, really two is enough, in each bezel, letting it spread out to cover the entire bezel, maybe use the toothpick to assist, then carefully dust a layer of glitter on top. You do not want it to be too thick as this will make it hard for the resin to cure, just enough to achieve the effect.  Let it settle for a couple of minutes.

In the meantime, clip off the loops on the top of each charm, and if needed sand the ends a bit if they appear sharp, or just carefully trim till it looks right.

Now drop in one more drop of the resin or glue in each bezel, and add the charm to each bezel. Use your toothpicks to help position them so they are centered.

Once you are satisfied with how they look, if using resin, slip the styrofoam sheet or cork into the UV lamp, letting the light shine fully on the bezels, again making sure it level. If using glue just set it aside and let the glue dry overnight. If using the UV light it should be finished in 10-15 minutes. Take it out and let it set for a few minutes to cool off.

Resin cured earrings will be good to go in 15 minutes, glue best overnight but that’s it! Enjoy!

editor’s note: If using resin you could add more at the end to make the penguin level with the surface, I preferred them to be slightly raised but level might be good too, your choice.


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