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Rustic Hibiscus Drop Earrings

Leather cord is the new go-to for making fun and casual earrings. This design uses 2mm round leather cord, but often 1.5mm works too. The really good thing is, if you have purchased some leather to make a bracelet with, often there are scraps leftover that are perfect for earring making.



  • A set of pliers ( Round and Flat Nose, the basics)
  • Cutters or good scissors


Take one piece of 3″ long leather and load on the heishi and bail in this fashion:

2 heishi, 1 beaded (or any) bail, 2 heishi.

Double up the leather so both ends are together, then slide on the 2-Hole Distressed Bar Link, pulling one end of the leather through each hole. Pull the link down towards the other findings, positioning it where it looks good.

Adjust the leather so the two ends are equal and push them both up into the Rustic Tube Crimp. When you have the ends up to the top of the Crimp Tube, then using your flat nose pliers flatten the middle channel of the crimp tube pinning the leather securely in the crimp tube. Crimp with the pliers from both sides to make secure.

Attach the earwires to the top loop of the Rustic Crimp Loop by opening the lower loop on the earwire side to side, slide it on the crimp loop top and then carefully slide the loop closed capturing the loop of the crimp tube securely. Make sure the loop is totally closed.

The last step is the dangling Hibiscus Flower: for this you will need to slide the flower on a headpin, creating a loop on the end, cut the remains of the headpin flush with the loop. Now open the loop side to side and slip onto the loop on the beaded bail, closing it to capture the loop securely.

Repeat for  the second earring and you are done!

editor’s note:

The beaded bail is no longer made in copper and we are sadly old out so we can no longer order it in. We do have it in silver (12) and gold (26). Other bails will also work for this purpose, they just need a loop. For a list of all the bails we carry look here.


Designed for Bello Modo by Lindsey Stockert




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