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Victorian Lovebirds Bracelet


This lovely bracelet has been a favorite of mine for awhile now. I love the Vintaj Lovebirds connector and the magnetic clasp on this bracelet makes it a breeze to put on and take off. The magnets are strong enough that if they get close to each other they quickly jump together, so slick! Also, they can be wedged apart fairly easily with the edge of the fingernail.  All I have to do to put it on is lay it across my wrist and just nudge one end towards the other and they snap together. So easy.




Tools needed

  • a set of pliers
  • Cutters


Start by stringing on one bicone onto each eyepin. Next put an Oval engraved bead followed by a second bicone. Now make a second loop after the second bicone, and trim the remaining length of the eyepin off. Repeat for each side of all 4 of the Oval beads using all 8 eyepins. Now you should have 4 oval beads with bicones and eyepins all ready to go.

Line up the pieces: 1 3-Hole connector, one oval bead set, one Lovebird Connector, one Oval bead set, one Lovebird Connector, One Oval Bead set, one Lovebird Connector and the last Oval bead set, and the remaining 3-Hole connector.

Now, using 2 jump rings connect the first 3-Hole Connector to the first set of Oval beads, then the other side of the first oval bead to the first Lovebird connector, and on down the line, connecting all of them together.

Once all the components have been linked up, take one side of the magnetic clasp and add a 5.25mm jump ring, connecting to the single ring on the 3-hole connector, repeating for the other side with the second piece of the magnetic clasp.

And that’s it, so easy!

A few tips:

Take your time in lining everything up and take care to get them all face up as the Vintaj pieces do have a front and back to them.

For sizing, this bracelet fits my 8″ wrist perfectly, for a larger wrist you could add more bicones, use 6mm bicones, or if an inch is needed add another oval bead set. To make smaller by an inch you could leave out the 3 hole connectors and use a jump ring to connect the components to the magnetic clasps, or leave out the bicones.


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