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Evening Out Earrings

Excellent for an evening out!
Excellent for an evening out!

Lindsey made these lovely long and dangling earrings recently using a chain that makes this look so easy. The chain alternates between the larger flat links and the smaller grouped chains so you just need a section of chain to make this look work. The 3-Petal Bellflowers come in lots of lovely colors and finishes, but this color worked so nicely with the chain.


Tools Needed

  • A pair of pliers
  • Cutters


Starting with the bellflowers add a head-pin to each bellflower, head inside the flower, pull it up through the top and create a loop and trim off the excess pin.

Next, get the chain and clip two matching sections, making sure they match in length, trimming so you have a section of flattened loops and a section of the 3 smaller chains clipped free at the ends. Add a jump ring at the top of the flattened loops and attach to the ear-wire, repeat with the second ear-wire.

Now, add a jump-ring to the end of the small chains, one at a time, adding the loop of a bellflower to each chain, and repeat with the second set.

Slick! And very alluring. Time to make dinner reservations…

Designed by Lindsey Stockert for Bello Modo






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