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Tropical Heatwave Earrings


When I see these earrings the song ‘Tropical Heatwave’ starts playing in my head. They have a swaying movement to them, along with the glitter of the crystals, I just start thinking of the dance floor!



  • A basic set of pliers, one Round Nose and one Flat or Chain Nose
  • Cutters


Choose your crystal color or finish and metal finish, we used Crystal Copper and Bright Silver but there are other options.

Take the eye-pin and string on the heishi and crystals using the picture above to guide you. Once you have all the pieces on use your round nose pliers to make another loop on the open end, capturing all the components. Trim off any extra eye-pin. Repeat with the second eye-pin and set of components.

Next lay out and open all 8 jump-rings.  Hook one of the open jump-rings into the loop on one of each the ear-wires and close. Take a second jump-ring and hook it through the center loop on one of the 3″ pieces of chain and then into the jump-ring that you added to the ear-wire, closing it securely capturing the jump-ring and the chain. Repeat with the second ear-wire.

Now take one of the open jump-rings and add to the bottom of the chain looping through the loop on one end of the eye-pin with components. Close the ring and repeat on the other side and then repeat with the second set.

Let us know if we can answer any questions. We’d love to see sets made in different colors. Please send to

Designed by Lindsey Stockert for Bello Modo




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