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Charming Earring Ideas


We offer a line of enameled charms that make sweet earrings.  The Rocking Horse Charms come as a set of two matched charms, and they make an instant set of very cute earrings. A couple of ear-wires, two eye-pins, two beads and the charms and you have something to please someone who loves rocking horses. They can double as Christmas themed too. There are several charm sets like this.


These Tea Time charms are part of a line of pitchers and teapots, and they are so easy to use to make earrings for someone who would appreciate them. You could even mix and match. Check them all out here.


Left and right facing Geckos for those who love lizards. They are kinda cute, aren’t they?


These glittery butterfly charms come in many colors, perfect to match your outfit!


Oak Leaves and crystals, easy but nice, an excellent gift!

So, you can see from these examples that the enameled charms are good go-to pieces for easy, quick, and meaningful designs.  You can visit the Charms folder HERE for more inspiration!

And for the entire charms folder check HERE, lots more to choose from. Have you made a set of earrings with any of these charms? we’d love to hear what you think.


One thought on “Charming Earring Ideas

  1. A bit confused…you link to where the Tea Time Charms are supposed to be and there are NO Tea Time charms there.

    Oops! Corrected, you can see them now!


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