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Alcohol Inks add color in a watercolor style to Lucite Beads and organizing tips

We played with Alcohol Inks and Lucite beads today, and got some great results with little time and effort. Here’s a quick recap:

I like to set out 3 or 4 colors that coordinate, I used Pastel shades for a more watercolor look. So, used Peach Bellini, Cloudy Blue, Sandal, and Juniper. I laid out a small puddle of each color on my silicone sheet and with the brush randomly dipped in to a color and brushed it on the white lucite flowers, from both the inside and the outside, in strips, randomly applying color till it was what I wanted.

I had a jar or water to rinse the brush between color use to keep them from getting muddy, and refreshed the “puddles” of ink whenever they needed to be refreshed. Easy peasy!


I used the dried lucite flowers to make this set:


The pearls in the earrings and pendant are Iridescent Green 10mm, found in Swarovski Pearls, most of the metals are Vintaj, the pendant is Nunn Design, and I used a bit of scrapbook paper and a leftover glass leaf in UV resin to make it some time back during my show days. The Dragonfly Coin shaped beads are new and to be listed soon, sold in sets of 6.

For easy clean-up use the Blender Solution for cleanup on your silicone sheet. Takes it all away like magic!

On another note, I also took time to add a bit of the Vintaj Patina colors to the tops of each cap so I can see at a glance where the color I want is and not have to search for them. Recently, Vintaj posted on Facebook about this handy tip and I am so pleased with the results!  This old Tim Holtz Alcohol Inks metal box has long ago lost it’s lid but since I am done traveling its fine for the shop.Don’t they look great?

You could do this with Alcohol Inks too, but you would need to either put a tiny white dot sticker on each lid top or paint it white first as Alcohol Inks are transparent, so the black lid color would mostly obscure the colors. I am going to give this idea a try next, I have added the opaque white Patina to several lid tops, once they dry I will see if it work and post here if it does.


One thought on “Alcohol Inks add color in a watercolor style to Lucite Beads and organizing tips

  1. Gorgeous! Do you need to seal the beads?

    It’s permanent but can be affected by solvents like hair spray, so you can use a spray on sealant (Krylon Satin or Matte Spray) to protect it. Non Yellowing Floor polish would work too but give the bead a glossy appearance.


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