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Wedding or Prom Set made with Nunn Design & Crystal Clay

Nunn Design findings and Crystal Clay are a match made in heaven, and perfect to make your wedding day or prom jewelry.  The tiny little 2mm pearls are just the size for this project but you could string any size 11/0 seed bead to use or consider using ball chain or Rhinestone Chain. Lots of possibilities!




Starting with the Crystal Clay, mix up a small amount, enough for the earrings and the pendant. Following mixing instructions make two balls of each part of the clay. It’s important to have equal parts and we have found it to be the easiest way to get them to match, the eye can discern size pretty accurately if they are balls.

Once you have the two balls mix them together following the directions in the package till the color is uniform. Once mixed you have about 90 minutes till it starts hardening up.

My method is to take a small amount and roll in the palms of my hands to make a snake, long enough for one of the channel earrings. Work it into the channel, filling it out, and once I have it all as filled as I could get it then I run a sharp knife along the edge, removing anything above the rims. This allows the beads to be applied partly in to the clay but above the rims just right. You could also carefully add clay to the bezel leaving the center sightly rounded, I am not as patient and find the knife method to work good. Pay attention to the ends, getting them smoothed out and cut at the end of the bezel. Repeat with the second earring.

Now you are ready to apply the 2mm pearls. They come strung and I prefer to leave them strung or if using loose beads it helps to string them. Work the first line of them on one side paying attention to apply as straight as possible. Press them into the clay maybe a third of the way, and cut the string at the end of the bezel carefully tucking the end pearl into the clay. Apply the second row the same way, again cutting and smoothing at the ends. Repeat with the second earring. Having the pearls strung makes it go so easy!

Clean up the edges now, using wet wipes really makes this go smoothly. Get all the clay off the edges of the bezels now or it will be there forever. Polish gently the pearls to remove any clay residue deposited on them from your fingers.

For the pendant take the rest of the clay or mix some more, press it into the bezel, keeping it level with the edges of the bezel and a bit raised in the center. Take the second strand of pearls and starting at the pointed end wrap around, trimming at the top and carefully making sure the last pearl is stabilized in the clay. Start again on the inside of the first row repeating the steps. A third row will leave a small area blank that is perfect for a 10x6mm Teardrop Stone or bead. Press it in as evenly as possible and then repeat the cleanup steps.

Allow your creations to cure, preferably overnight. They will be hard in about 90 minutes but the clay continues to cure for hours.

Using the GS Hypo Cement glue the 8×4.8mm teardrop stone into the teardrop clasp. Take a link off the chain to use to connect the bezel to the center of the chain, or use a jump ring. Open the last link on the chain and attach to one side of the clasp, repeating with the other side. You could also use any clasp, there are several Elegant Elements Clasps that already have crystals in them.

That’s it! This took me a total of 30 minutes to do, and not only did I enjoy the process, but I got to choose the colors that work for me. This process can be used with Rhinestone Chain, and other beads, Crystal Clay gives us so may options and is really an excellent option for a-fixing components in bezels as it is so permanent. Many glues eventually shrink and lose their hold, but not Crystal Clay.



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