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Contemporary ‘Millennial Pink’ Necklace and Earrings

I noticed an article a week or so back about the popularity of a colorway called Millennial Pink, a warm pink color apparently very much in vogue right now. We happen to have a Bead Soup called Bara that embodies all the qualities of this colorway, and Lindsey put this lovely set together using the Bara Bead Soup.

Millennial Pink  is a very lovely color, rather rose gold, soft silvery pink, even a bit peachy.

Lindsey was inspired to wire wrap some Nunn Design flat tags with Rose Gold wire and the Bara mix, and I think it came out very nice.




Begin by deciding how you want the wire and beads applied to the flat tags. With our example it’s started about 1/2 way down, wrapping a few times then adding the beads with each wrap so they lay nicely on the front of the tag. You could wrap the whole tag, or the center, we chose to make it off-center, adding to the overall design. Lots of possibilities!

You can tuck the beginning and ending wire behind the first and last wraps on the back, using nylon jawed pliers to work harden down. No nylon jawed pliers? you can use regular flat jawed pliers just be careful not to mar the wire, alternately your fingers can do the job too.

Repeat for the earrings, and then it’s just putting it all together.

If you have any questions or suggestions, we’d love to hear from you.




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