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Our version of the lovely ‘Joana Ring’

We offer the free emailable tutorial in Patterns & Kits for the JOANA RING by Anick Puca. The pattern is in French but Leslie Rogalski kindly translated the instructions in a page attached at the end.

When I first sat down to start to put one together it occurred to me that the Swarovski #2035 Round Chessboard 20mm Flatback might work instead of a glass cabochon. I always opt for bling when I can so I pulled one out to consider it, and I discovered that it would work with a couple of layers of beading foundation added to the back to make up for the lack of bulk.

I had a 20mm round punch so that made cutting them easy as punch, but really scissors would do as they do not have to be perfect as they will not show.

I used two to make a good fit, gluing them to the back of the crystal with E-6000 or some similar glue. Do not use super glue as it can damage the backing on crystals.

Let the glue dry, setting the crystal component aside and begin the beadwork, following the pattern instructions. I find it helpful to lay out the beads in piles on a bead mat, so they are easy to access.

I used a size 11 Tulip needle to complete the pattern, my favorite!

Once you reach the part of the pattern where the cabochon gets fitted inside, just slip the crystal flatback with the glued-on circles of bead backing in and begin tightening up the back,just as the instructions tell you to. When its time to add the ring base use the glue to attach the base to the crystal with the beading foundation against the ring base. Let the glue dry then finish the remaining beading.

Hope this slight modification of the pattern offers  you some ideas!







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