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Make the Delicato Necklace

Fun and flirty, this necklace is casual and artistic, but pretty easy to put together. You can use beads of your choice for the embellishments, bicones, fire polished, Czech glass, or even pearls to give it a more stylish feel.

TierraCast Parts

1 Link Flora 1/2″ Ring
4 Charm Flora
4 Charm Jardin Triangle
1 Charm Jardin Teardrop
24 Head Pin 2″ 21g
16 Heishi Kenyan
23 Jumpring 4 Mm Round
1 Lobster Clasp 12mm X 7mm
24″ Chain Embossed Brass Cable 2.5mm25

Also used: Swarovski 4mm 5328 Bicone beads, 2mm and 4mm Czech glass beads

Note: Chain quantities are in inches.

Editor’s note: Since this project is without exact instructions, and we got several inquiries about the chain lengths I did a little research to give some guidance.

Since the chain is 24″ long I used that as my starting point, and divided it up to match the design.

  • One 10″ piece
  • one 7″ piece
  • one 3″ piece
  • one 4″ piece.

Use the 10 inch piece and the 7″ piece for the main neck pieces. The longer one gets the drop on the end, and the 7″ piece gets the lobster clasp on one end. Attach a jump ring on each end and then attach the jump ring to the Link Flora Ring. So now you have a neck piece attached to the ring, all you need is to attach the 3 and 4″ pieces to the other side of the ring with jump rings.

Now add all the dangles according to your wishes or use the image to guide you. Use the headpins to create looped dangles and use jump rings to attach the charms.

Attach the lobster clasp at about 3″ or adjust to your liking.


8 thoughts on “Make the Delicato Necklace

  1. Where are the instructions? It would be easy enough to wing it, but having the lengths for the chain segments would be helpful to avoid time-consuming trial and error.


  2. It would be really nice if you gave instructions and not just a picture and a list of items. How long is each chain segment? Are you just simple loops or wrapped loops? If the picture was bigger, I could tell, but I can’t. I can probably figure it out myself, but I bet there are plenty or your customers/newsletter readers that can’t. They would be more likely to buy the materials if they know they can put it together.


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