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Heart Throb Set

Fun, flirty, and easy to make set that’s perfect for Valentine’s Day! Basic wire-working skills are needed, otherwise it’s easy to put together.


Tools Needed

  • Set of Pliers: Round Nose and Flat or Chain Nose.
  • Optionally a One Step Looper to make making the loops easier.
  • Cutters


First, make the beaded sections, cut three pieces of wire, 6″ long for ease of work.  Make a wrapped loop on one end then slide on the beads in this order: 2mm, Heart Bead, 4mm, Heart Bead, 2mm. Create the second wrapped loop, trimming and smoothing the wire ends. Create three of these.

To put the necklace together:

Connect one set of the beaded components to an Arrow connector with the arrow facing towards the middle of the necklace, connect the one set of heart beads with two oval jump-rings. Next connect a second beaded component set, again with two jump-rings, then connect an arrow connector with the arrow facing towards the center set of components. Connect the last set of beaded components to the tail of the arrow connector, then connect the chain to each side of the setup. Connect the clasp components, one piece on each side of the chain.

To put the earrings together:

Create 6 beaded components:

On an eye pin slide on one 2mm bead one red heart shaped bead, one 2mm bead. Make a loop on the second end trapping the beads. Once you have all 6 made, begin connecting them by opening the loops and connecting three per set. Open the oop on the ear-wires and connect into the top loop. Open the bottom loop and slide on the Arrow Charm, close loop to finish earring. Repeat for the second earring.

Ta-da! You could easily change this up by adding crystals instead of glass beads, use silver or brass instead of gold, make dangles instead of the connectors. Lots of possibilities!



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