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Tips & Hints for working with CzechMates


Nichole Starman, creator of the CzechMates System, has released an e-book filled with useful information on stitches, and bead shapes, tips & hints and loads of images. You can click on the image above to download it free of charge. There is a 7 page pattern included for the  Quadra Trellis Bracelet too.

Included is a stitch technique guide, a chart with that outlines the CzechMates shapes and how they work together, and a Stitch Guide, offering information on Baste Stitching, the Hinge Stitch, and the Accordion Stitch. 

Also included is information on the fashion advantage of asymmetrical CzechMates, tips & hints for easy orientation of your beads, and so much more including images of all the colors the different shapes are offered in. The style numbers are useful for ordering the exact color you want.

It’s 36 pages, you are welcome to download and print it if you like. Enjoy!


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