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New Nunn Design Open Back Bezels

Becky Nunn at Nunn Design, designed a new line of Open Back Bezels that work perfectly with Swarovski crystals.

 Hand crafted by Beck Nunn, working first with polymer clay, to construct models in just the right size, width, and shape that would work fluently with the other findings within the Nunn Design product mix, they then cast the models in lead-free pewter and plated them in copper, 24k gold, and .999 fine silver.

The pieces have an organic hand forged look by design. We hope that you will like creating with this newest collection of findings as much as we have.

One of the nice things about these bezels is you can customize them by choosing the crystal stone colors that work for you, and a bit of 2 part epoxy or GS Hypo Cement is all you need to securely fix the stones in the bezels.

Aside from using Swarovski stones you can also use Crystal Clay, and other such things to fill the bezels.


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