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Our versions of the Venezia Earrings

Recently my sister Belinda came to spend the weekend with me and as we often do, we beaded together, each of us making a version of a pattern designed by Nela Kabelova, ‘Venezia’, a lovely set of earrings using the new PaisleyDuo beads from Matubo. We had recently received a big shipment of them and were able to find colors that suited us both, me choosing a lovely purple finish (Full Sliperit) as it matches the jacket I am wearing to my daughter’s graduation, and Belinda, a satiny metallic green (Polychrome Mint Chocolate) to match something she recently purchased.

My sis has a motto “It’s not finished till it has crystals in it”, she loves her bling, and really, I do too :). So, it often happens that we embellish on a pattern and add crystals, and in this case we added 4mm Rounds in place of the 4mm firepolished beads and also 8mm rounds were added to the center in one version. We made several versions to show that there are many options, so with an 8mm crystal in the center, with a drop Briolette or a tassel off the bottom. I find the shared decision making process that goes on with the two of us to be so enjoyable, meaty, and meaningful. It’s fun to have someone to enjoy the process with, someone who loves all the color and shape options.

The original pattern uses a chain tassel and nothing in the center, and it’s fine just as it is, really, Nela’s designs are gorgeous (check out her blog) and are totally fine as designed, but if you want to change it up, add crystals or pearls, you do have that option.

So, in the picture you can see my version is the purple one. The earrings have two options, one with a tassel, and one with a #6010 Drop Briolette in Crystal Chili Pepper. We both also made a pendant, hung on gold Silver Silk chain, both also have a TierraCast bail to hold the pendant nicely on the chain. We both felt the tassel worked great on the pendant, and for us “older” ladies the earrings seemed better with the crystal, but for younger ladies with longer necks the tassel or chain would be a good option so we showed it.

On Belinda’s Polychrome Green version we decided the 8mm round crystal was nice in the center, playing up the same color in the corners. Little details can make such a difference, and Belinda added a 15/0 to each side of the 8mm beads to play up the color and we both felt it made a difference with that tiny bit of color there.

So, we’d love to hear what you think, with the bead in the center, without it, with the crystal drop or the tassel, or maybe pearls or another bead shape. Let us know!

The pattern can be emailed, just let us know in the comments of your next order and we will email it to you.


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