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Iridescence, what do you know about it?

“The term iridescence derives from Iris, the Greek goddess of the rainbow, and refers to a vibrant optical effect of rainbow-like colors that change in the light. Found on pearls and insect wings, iridescence draws from and celebrates the natural world’s multidimensional colors and organic forms. Since the Middle Ages, designers have experimented with ways to achieve an iridescent effect on the surface of glass and ceramics and incorporated naturally iridescent materials such as mother of pearl into their jewelry and metalwork.”

The dictionary say iridescence is “showing luminous colors that seem to change when seen from different angles”, and this makes sense to me because when talking about beads movement is what makes the beads show off their magic. I am delighted by the beauty and flash, find it so satisfying to see. As with insects, the amazing Aurora Borealis, and natural pearls, the misty, flash of color that comes from iridescence will always delight me. The first time I saw iridescence in the ocean it nearly knocked me off my feet!

For the last several years Swarovski has been introducing crystal pearls in iridescent colors and I have to say they are fabulous! Colors now available include:

  • Iridescent Dove Grey
  • Iridescent Tahitian Look
  • Iridescent Light Blue
  • Iridescent Dark Blue
  • Iridescent Red
  • Iridescent Green
  • Iridescent Purple

If you search Iris or Rainbow on the website you will find a list of beads that have this kind of finish. Seed Beads with R in their title also indicate Rainbow. There are lots of Czech Glass beads with the Iris or Rainbow finish.

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