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Wire Wrapped Earrings with Gorgeous Firepolished Rondelles

Wire wrapping is really, easy to do, and gives a fabulous result. The trick is recognizing that you are the boss of the wire, make it do your bidding!

For these earrings I used Nunn Design Wire Frames Pear Shaped, 2 strands of 5x3mm Firepolished Rondelles, in a lovely Montana Blue Bronze Finished, and 12-14″ of 24 ga. wire for each earring.

Also a set of earwires. I used 90-3120-00 which are open on the loop end so I could use a bead to finish them in a coordinated fashion. Just add the bead and using your round nose pliers make the loop and trap the bead. 

We offer a number of the open frames in different shapes and finishes, so you can choose which shape works best for you. The tiny Firepolished Rondelles come in a couple of colors, more soon, but you can also use Swarovski 4mm Princess Cuts, #5040.

To begin wrapping the beads on, start with the wire at the top on one side and wrap the wire around 2-3 times, keeping a firm grip on the wire, using your finger nail to push the wraps together. You can trim any extra off the end now or when you have finished. Add a bead and wrap the wire tightly close to the bead twice, again controlling the wire with your nail, scooching them close to the bead.

Continue all around the hoop, taking your time to keep the wires snugged up to the beads. When you reach the top wrap the wire two to three times, trim the wire and snug the end into the wraps with your chain nose pliers. Add the earwires and you are done! Gorgeous and so easy to do.


1 pair Wire Frame Large Pear 

2 strands 5x3mm Rondelle Montana Blue T w/ Antique Gold Finish

24 ga. Brass or Gold Wire 

Earwires Blanks


Pliers, one round nose and one chain nose

Pair of cutters

P.S. It is snowing to beat the band here, so I am working at home, hence the image with the snow in the background. The brightest place in the house was that window.


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