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‘Bargello Style’ CzechMates Cuff

When the June/July edition of Beadwork Magazine arrived I thumbed through and found the pattern for the ‘BARGello Cuff’ designed by Michelle Gowland I was immediately entranced. I loved the use of the CzechMates 2-Holed Bars, the shape of the bars is perfect to make an attractive and comfortable cuff and the design is gorgeous!

My sister, Belinda Harrah, put our sample together for us, following the directions Michelle set out. She used DURA Thread and selected similar Bar colors for our sample as Michelle did, following Michelle’s instructions.

The biggest change we made was to the clasp. We used a slide on Elegant Elements clasp, eliminating the Wire Guards and added one partial row of 8/0 rounds on each end to accommodate it. We skipped the first two beads on each end, adding one row of 8/0’s and it fit in the clasp perfectly. If you choose to use this clasp just know the the beads will not show so use an inexpensive color for this purpose. We also skipped using the drops, choosing a sleeker finish on the sides.

Have you made one yet? If so, what colors did you use? and did you make any changes? We’d love to hear!

To find the pattern visit  If you are a subscriber then you can login to see it I think.


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