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Alcohol Inks add color in a watercolor style to Lucite Beads and organizing tips

We played with Alcohol Inks and Lucite beads today, and got some great results with little time and effort. Here’s a quick recap:

Paint Brush
Assorted White Lucite Beads
Alcohol Inks, lighter colors best
Cup or jar of water
baby wipes for clean up and Blending Solution
I like to set out 3 or 4 colors that coordinate, I used Pastel shades for a more watercolor look. So, used Peach Bellini, Cloudy Blue, Sandal, and Juniper. I laid out a small puddle of each color on my silicone sheet and with the brush randomly dipped in to a color and brushed it on the white lucite flowers, from both the inside and the outside, in strips, randomly applying color till it was what I wanted.

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His and Hers “First Kiss” Necklaces

These necklaces are more than Vintaj components put together, they are the coordinates of the first kiss my fiancee and I shared.  We were outside after our first date, my 30th birthday, under the moonlight and stars… It really could not have been more idyllic!  The image is forever burned in my memory and now… Continue reading His and Hers “First Kiss” Necklaces

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Stamped Nunn Design Mother’s Necklace

So many gorgeous new Nunn components arrived recently and I was inspired to try my hand at metal stamping again.  Although, they did not come out perfect and I had to scrap a couple pieces along the way, overall, I am very happy to have a necklace with all my sons (including the newest one… Continue reading Stamped Nunn Design Mother’s Necklace

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Weathered Copper Leaf Earrings

We are focusing on Vintaj this week and Vintaj Patina’s. I haven’t really ever used these in my designs, so I thought it was a good opportunity to try something new. The Vintaj pieces that I like the most are the Artisan Copper components. I’m also always drawn to leaf/tree themes and colors in the teal… Continue reading Weathered Copper Leaf Earrings

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Embellishing Vintaj Natural Brass with Embossing Techniques & Patinas

We LOVE using the embossing machine, deco-emboss and deco-etch folders on Vintaj! Fun and functional! People often assume my pieces were enamelled, thinking this is hard to do, but nothing could be less true as they are so easy to use and get a good result. The pieces in this first image we actually colored… Continue reading Embellishing Vintaj Natural Brass with Embossing Techniques & Patinas

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