Easter Themed Jewelry

We bring you cute bunnies and religious pieces inspired by Easter. All components are listed for each project. Enjoy!


Make these cute Easter bunny earrings using just a few components!

Our seed bead manager, Jessica, put these together using:

2 x Vintaj Bunnies

2x Round 3mm rose peach crystals

2x Round 6mm fern green crystals

2x Round 4mm denim blue crystals

2x 2″ eye pin

2x Earwires NB Copper / 2mm Bright Copper Bead


For the rosary themed necklace, the materials used:

2x Radiant heart links

1x Our Lady link

1x Talavera cross charm

1′ Small textured chain

19x 4mm ruby bicone crystals 

9x 2mm gold filled beads

1x Sacred heart clasp

5x 2″ brass eye pins

10x 6mm round jump rings

8x Talavera star bead caps

4x Flattened ovals

DSC08732 Materials for earrings:

1 pair X Earwires – SS / 2mm Crystal – Green Turmaline

2 x Thorn Beads – Sunflower OP – pack of 25

8” x Gold 22GA Wire

2 x Bead Bunny Rabbit Antique Gold

To make the bracelet:

1. Cut one foot of wire, and string your beads. I used the number of beads listed in materials and my bracelets total length is 8&½”. Be sure to leave the bunny bead, one heishi, and one crystal to make the drop. Adjust any beads necessary to acquire your desired length.

2. String a crimp bead on either end of the bracelet. Run the wire through the wire protector, back through the crimp bead and back through several beads on the end before crimping the crimp bead. Repeat this on both ends of the bracelet.

3. Use a jumpring on each end to attach the toggle clasp.

4. Slide a Heishi bead, a bunny bead, and a crystal on your head pin, and create a wrapped loop at the top.

5. Use 2 more jump rings to attach the bunny drop to one of the jump rings at the end.

Materials for bracelet:

1’ x .018 Diamater Flexrite

23 x Heishi Twist 4mm Antique Silver

12 x 4mm Peridot Celadon Bicone

10 x 11x8mm Glass Teardrops Chalk White Funky Orchid

2 x Silver Plated Wire Protectors

2 x Silver Plated 2×2 Crimps

1 x Clasp Set – Bamboo Antique Silver

1 x 1.5″ Headpin 21G Antique Silver

1 x Bead – Bunny Rabbit Antique Silver

4 x Jump Ring 6mm – Textured Circle Antique Silver

Happy creating!

- The Team @ Bello Modo


Put a Bird On It!

I have no problem admitting that I love birds…on everything. Sewn onto my pillows, painted on my favorite mug, hanging in my jewelry. Something about these fluttering creatures is so cute and mystical to me. Maybe I love them so much because they can fly, or because my chickens bear such resemblance to their dinosaur ancestors (miniature velociraptor, anyone?). Or that it’s like an Easter egg hunt at my house all the time, with all the different colors of eggs they lay. Whatever the reason, birds are cool, and here to stay.


Bird’s nest earrings and necklace

People can’t seem to resist referencing Portlandia when they see my crafts at shows. “Put a bird on it!” They shout at me. Yeah, like I haven’t heard that before. People love birds. Put a bird on it and now it’s cool, so people will buy it. When I saw that episode I laughed so much I cried, because it’s so true! It’s also true for cats. Soon I will be showing you my amazing cat themed jewelry. But that’s for another day.

This is the first necklace I have ever made (well, except for those pony bead ones when I was like, six years old). Usually I make earrings because I don’t wear necklaces all that often. I think it turned out pretty awesome, and took minimal skills to create. Jewelry making has come pretty easily to me, I just needed the right tools to get me started.


Must have jewelry tools: One-step looper, Wolf 3 groove looping pliers, punch, and chain nose pliers. Wire cutters are good to have, too.

Working at a place like Bello Modo, it is easy to come across inspiration. We’d been talking about Easter coming up and brainstorming cute ideas when Pam showed me these adorable little drops shaped just like eggs. Put a bird on it, I thought. I gathered my supplies and set to work that evening.


Supplies for the bird’s nest necklace and earring set. You will also need a pair of wire cutters, in addition to the tools I mentioned previously.


First, make the birds nests. These are fairly easy to make, I’ve illustrated the steps with photos:


Step 1: Make a loop, leaving a 3″ piece on one side, and the other connected to your roll of wire.


Step 2: Wrap the loop around and around, a million times, until you get a nest like shape. You can see I secured the wire from coming undone by wrapping the 3″ piece around the coils.


Step 3: Cut a long piece off your roll, and slide the egg drops onto the wire.


Step 4: Form the eggs into a round shape so they are all touching. Loop the wire through a few times to hold the eggs down in the center.


Step 5: With the rest of your wire, weave it through randomly to create a more textured, “twiggy” look. Tuck the ends of the wire in and you have a birds nest!

I made three of these nests. For the two for the earrings, I made a simple loop on one of the wire pieces to attach an ear wire to. For the one that is in the necklace, I twisted pieces of the wire on the nest in four places to attach my chain. Read on to see how to make the necklace.

I made all of the bicone connectors for my chain using the One-Step Looper tool to make the second loop on the other end of the bicone. To make the chain, I cut many five link long pieces and connected them together with the bicones I just put together. Measure your neck to see the length you want for your necklace to determine whether you want more chain to make it longer or not. This necklace is very adaptable.

Use the looper to make your bicones into chain connectors.

Use the looper to make your bicones into chain connectors.


Cut 5 or 6 link long pieces of chain and attach connectors at each interval.

This bird only came with one hole on its upper left wing, but that is easily solved. Luckily Vintaj also makes this amazing punch tool so I can make the additional three holes wherever needed. The metal of the bird is pretty thick so this takes some force to punch the holes through.


After punching the holes, I connected my chain pieces to the bird using the jump rings. Adjust accordingly to the fit you desire. It is a little tricky to get it to hang right, you’ll need to make minor adjustments as you go along.

Connect your chain to the birds nest at four points. Bring your chain together on either side and connect with a jump ring. At this point I added extra chain length for the clasp closure, which I left long so you can adjust the length of the necklace easily with the tiny hook clasp.

Happy creating, and happy spring!



Upstairs in the photo studio @BelloModo, I show off my newly made necklace and earrings.



Vintaj Filigree & Glass Button Necklace

Working with Vintaj filigree can be a lot of fun. Brass is such a soft, malleable metal, that it really allows you to be super creative in manipulating it to your heart’s desire! In the video below,  I’ll show you how I used this large filigree as a wrap around a large Czech glass button to create a gorgeous pendant. If you have never used filigree in this way before, the video is a great introduction for you.


Since I really enjoy the look of Vintaj brass and gold together, I decided to use both finishes of chain to complete the necklace, attaching them with Vintaj jump rings onto different parts of the filigree, as you can see in the picture. I cut the gold chain into two pieces at 9” lengths per piece, and cut the Vintaj chain into 2 x 8 “ lengths, allowing the gold to drape just slightly lower. I thought this was a great opportunity to use one of TierraCast clasps with 2 loops.

Once you get familiar with using filigree in this way, the possibilities are endless.

Here are the materials used for this project:

1 x Vintaj Full Poppy Filigree

1 x 1-3/16″ Dragonfly Red w/ Gold Glass Button

1 x Clasp Set – Heirloom 2 Loop Antique Gold

8 x Vintaj Jump Ring 5.25mm

18” x Chain ~ Small Hammered Flat Cable Chain Antique Gold

16” x Vintaj Classic Cable Chain

Happy Creating!


Vintaj Metal Reliefing

Have you used the Art Metal line offered from Vintaj? The dark gunmetal-like look is pleasing to the eye, however it’s not always easy to appreciate the intricate design on some of the pieces, because of the dark finish.


Many of the art metal pieces can be transformed in no time at all to have fantastic contrast, making those intricate designs pop. How you ask? Simply by doing a little sanding. By sanding, you are reliefing the pieces, which means you are taking away the patina or finish on the raised areas which makes the fine detail shine, adding contrast. The sanding blocks made for shrink plastic work well, but the Vintaj Metal Reliefing Block has multiple grits, heavy, medium, and fine all on one block. The Vintaj Metal Reliefing Block allows you to buff what you have reliefed for a nice shiny look by using the finest grit last. Personally, I sometimes like using the sanding blocks made for shrink plastic first, then finishing with the Vintaj Metal Reliefing Blocks, but you could get by with either/or.

The Rhapsody Novella pieces are a great example of how reliefing can really make the intricate design stand out. I think they make fantastic earring dangles along with the gorgeous 14mm Melon beads.

Below you will find the directions and materials for these cute rhapsody earrings. I’ve also made a video to show you how quickly you can transform these art metal pieces. Enjoy!


Happy Creating!


Rhapsody Earrings Materials:

2 x Vintaj Rhapsody Novella

2 x Earwires NB Black / 3mm SS Bead

4 x Heishi – Faceted 5mm Antique Silver

2 x Eye Pin – 2″ – 21G Black

2 x 14mm Melon Shaped – Pearl Coat – Guava

Vintaj Metal Reliefing Block and / or sanding blocks

Rhapsody Earrings Instructions:

  • Using your Vintaj Metal Reliefing Block, sand/relief your rhapsody pieces to your desired look using the Dark gray side (heaviest grit) first, then the White Side (medium grit), then the light gray side (finest grit) last. The light gray side is the finest grit and will actually polish up the raised parts that you have just reliefed.

  • Slide a heishi bead, then a melon bead, then another heishi bead onto an eyepin. Create a simple loop at the end, trimming off any excess wire. Repeat this with the other beads & eye pin.

  • Opening a simple loop on the end of the eye pin, attach one end to the Rhapsody piece, and the other end to the earwire. Repeat this for the second earring.

  • VARIATIONS: The 14mm melon beads come in so many great colors, pick your favorite! There are so many great pieces in the Art metal line for you to choose from. I think Vintaj Grand Kaleidoscope Filigree would look fantastic on this earring as well.

Radiant Orchid Challenge Winners!

The winners are….


Melanie – 1st place!


Marilyn – 2nd Place!


Susan – 3rd Place!!!!

Thank you all so much for participating! To see all the entries, please see our complete album on Facebook. As for the goodie bags awarded for best use of the following components, here are our final decisions:


Vintaj Natural Brass – Lisa


Czechmates Two-Holed Beads – Renetha


Swarovski Crystal – Julie

Thanks again to all our participants – all the entries were so gorgeous! Stay tuned to Facebook and our blog for more chance to win in future competitions!

Pantone Inspired Maple Leaf Necklace

DSC08106Have a mentioned yet how in love I am with the Pantone color of the year, ‘Radiant Orchid’?  Ok, I’m sure I have, but I guess I’m saying it again. I’m also really enjoying being back in the Bello Modo shop on the regular again after a couple of years….There is just such an abundance of beautiful things offered to work with. Never ending inspiration. I sure have missed this place!

As I walked through the shop with the ‘Radiant Orchid’ color in mind, my first ‘go-to’ was the new Swarovski pearl color, blackberry…what a rich color! And right in line with the colors I had in mind. I wanted to mix in some of the new Swarovski finish ‘crystal lilac shadow’ with them as well. I was off to a good start. Then I spotted one of my all time favorite things…..Ok, Ok – I know I seem to have a lot of favorites, but really…. this one is really one of my top favorites. If you haven’t checked out the Maple Leaf buttons on the website yet, do yourself a favor and do it.

maple leaf necklace

I think a lot of us are drawn to nature inspired elements in our jewelry. These Maple leaf buttons are lovely to work with. Maple trees have been special to me since childhood,

as I spent a lot of time climbing the maple tree in our front yard as a kid. It draped it’s branches so nice & close to the ground for me to hop up on, even very young. I have great memories of waiting in that tree for my mom to return home from work, as she often parked under the cool shade it offered in the summer time. I’m guessing my mom could remember a time or two when I scared the dickens out of her jumping out of that gorgeous maple the moment she got out of the car.

Alright, back to the jewelry piece. I wasn’t planning on making a video with this one, but I came up with a clever way to make this maple leaf button hang really nicely as a pendant, and some things are just so much easier explained by showing and talking  rather than writing up instructions. Check out the video where I show you the wire working technique for this one, and general instructions for the rest of the piece. You’ll find the list of materials I used below.


Happy Creating!


1 x 2-1/4″ x 2-1/4″ Maple Leaf Button Light Rainbow

15” x Vintaj Bronze 22GA Wire

24” x 49 Strand .018 Diameter Clear 30′

9 x 8mm Blackberry Pearls

6 x 12mm Blackberry Pearls

12 x Vintaj 11.5mm Canopy Bead Caps

14 x #5052 6mm Mini Round Bead – Crystal Lilac Shadow

5 x Vintaj 6mm Flower Spacer Bead

2 x Vintaj 2mm Round Crimp Bead

1’ x Vintaj 6.5 x 9.5mm Etched Cable Chain

1 x Vintaj 22.5mm Classic Lobster Clasp

1 x Vintaj Head Pin 1 1/2″

Ened’s “Magic Box” Necklace

Here at Bello Modo we have a basket in the back where our odds and ends go – things like discontinued charms, odd numbered ear wires, chain that is too short to sell – and other random items with no identifying number we find laying around. You never know what you might find in there! Any employee is welcome to take items from this basket and encouraged to make things.

Recently, Ened put together this amazing necklace, combining items she already had with things from our employee play basket. A combination of several different chains, citrine, glass flowers, pearls, charms, and friendly plastic makes for a great conversation piece. Check it out!DSC08082 DSC08080

Ened wanted to share that she made this necklace while watching Buffy The Vampire Slayer, therefore the name “Magic Box” seemed perfect for it.

What do you make with your odds and ends? Please post photos on our Facebook page, we’d love to see your creations!

Happy Creating,

- The Bello Modo Team


Downton Abbey Winners!

We recently sponsored a challenge asking our customers to submit a piece inspired by the hit TV show, Downton Abbey. Using Vintaj Natural Brass was one of the few requirements. Thank you everyone for submitting your entires, all who participated will be awarded a fantastic goody bag to be sent this week. Check out what people made below!


1536750_10151959185734141_858538377_n 1234629_10151959185804141_854177961_n 1097956_10151941257719141_840879354_n 1480587_10151955970159141_1690667826_n 1510830_10151941256984141_1509343874_n

1488696_10151941876049141_311631975_n 1467242_10151944424234141_909838748_n 1011817_10151941257009141_705456245_n 1555538_10151959182509141_286722693_n 1606951_10151941257069141_1980493139_n sherri marilyn lola julian unnamed-1

Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is  on the 31st of January this year, so today we have a couple of inspirational earrings projects for you with that theme in mind! 2014 is the year of the horse in Chinese astrology. Here is what is said about being born in the year of the horse:

“Very hardworking and independent. Will work on and on until a job is finished. Very intelligent, ambitious and expect to succeed. Can cope with several projects at once. Easily fall in love.”

When I’m looking for a specific symbol or animal to work into jewelry, I always check the TierraCast line first. Not only are the components they make top quality, they really seem to have most of the bases covered when you are looking for something specific. Of course they had a horse charm for me to work with!

I thought these czech glass etched wheels made a nice edition, as I really enjoy the rustic look of these beads. This might also be a great time to mention that the titanium colored Parawire matches perfectly when you are using antique silver components such as this cute horsey!


Materials List:

1 pair X Earring – Leverback Sterling Silver (pk of 2)

2 x Etched Wheel – Lavender

2 x Drop – Horse Antique Silver

4 x Heishi – Faceted 5mm Antique Silver (pk of 10)

3” Titanium 20GA Wire


  • Cut 2 lengths about 1.5” long of 20 ga titanium wire. Make a simple loop at the end of one. Put your faceted heishi bead on, then the etched wheel bead, then another heishi bead before making another simple loop on the end to create a link. Repeat these steps with your second piece of wire.

  • Open one simple loop on each link to attach the horse charm and close.

  • Open the other simple loop on each link to attach to the lever back earwire and close.

  • And  presto! You are done!


The second pair of earrings were created with the lovely Asian Window Pendant from the Vintaj line. I really enjoy mixing Vintaj Natural Brass with gold, giving the contrast of an elegant yet earthy look. And here is the icing on the cake….We just got some crystals in the new finish called Crystal Mahogany, and what a great combo it is with the Vintaj brass & gold!

Materials list:

1 pair x Earring – Leverback Gold Filled (pk of 2)

2 x Vintaj Asian Window Pendant

2 x 6mm Crystal Mahogany Round Beads 5000

8 x 3mm Crystal Mahogany Xillion Beads 5328

2 x 1″ Eyepin 21G Antique Gold

8 x 1″ Headpin 21G Antique Gold

4 x Vintaj Jump Ring 4mm

8” x Chain ~ Small Fine Cable Chain Antique Gold


  • Use your 2 eye pins and your 6mm crystals to create 2 links with a simple loop on either end.

  • Open your simple loops to attach one end to the asian window pendants, and the other end to the lever back ear wires.

  • Use your 8 headpins and your 8 x 3mm crystals to create drops with a simple loop at the top.

  • Cut your 8” of chain into 4 x 2” lengths. drape the chain through the bottom of the pendant, and use your 4mm jumprings to secure each piece of chain onto the pendants. I used 2 pieces of chain for each earring, and just ‘eye-balled’ where I wanted the chain to fall making each one a bit uneven.

  • Attach one crystal drop to the end of each chain

Happy Chinese New Year & Happy Creating!


Vintaj & Bello Modo team up for ‘Frosted Forest’

I have always enjoyed the look of pearls with Vintaj Natural Brass. There’s something about the lustrous, feminine look of a pearl when added to the special patina that Vintaj offers, that just makes them pop. Now, add some frosted lucite in the mix, and that knocks the contrast up another notch!


When I heard the about the theme ‘Frosted Forest’, I went straight to the pearls and the lucite in the shop. I think this is the perfect time to point out how very unique the patina is on Vintaj Natural Brass. We all know that there are a lot of “antiqued brass” components out there on the market. However subtle some may think the difference is, whenever I work with the Vintaj line (check out the Vintaj section of our website), I really appreciate the difference.

The hand patina process Vintaj uses to get the very specific patina that they do is worth paying a little extra in my opinion.  Their process produces a true antique look that is much more pleasing to the eye and it is a richer patina, and when you do a side by side comparison, I don’t think anyone could argue with that. Not to mention they use no harsh chemicals in their patina process and all components are lead and nickel free. I have used other lines of antiqued brass, but Vintaj remains my absolute favorite.

I’m very happy with how this necklace and brooch turned out…there’s already more designs brewing in my head!


Materials List:

And here’s how I created this ‘Frosted Forest‘ Beauty!

  • Create your 10 flower drops with the headpins, putting the 6mm pearl on the bottom, the small calla lily, then the 3mm pearl on top, ending with a simple loop.

  • Connect the scrollwork pieces with 5.25mm Jump-rings to create a “chain”.

  • Cut your foot of chain into an 8” piece and a 4” piece.

  • With your violet petal filigree at the center, use a 5.25mm jump-ring to attach your ‘chain’ of scrollwork pieces to one side. The 8” piece of chain to the other (leaving a petal of the flower in between those 2 attachments).Then attach the 4” piece of chain to the bottom to dangle. Since this chain is not a fused chain, it opens like a jump-ring, so I skipped the jump-rings for attaching it and just opened the end link on each piece of chain to attach them to the filigree.

  • I used 5.25mm jump-rings to attach the 5 Ivy leaves and flower drops to the side of the necklace (8” piece of chain) with 3 links of chain in between each one.

  • When It came to the 4” piece of chain dangling, the leaves & flower drops didn’t hang quite how I wanted them to when I attached them with jump-rings, so i decided to again just open the links of chain and put the Ivy leaves & flower drops right on the chain links. And same as above, with 3 links of chain in between each drop.

  • Last, I used 2 jump-rings to attach the leaf toggle bar, and one jump-ring to attach the leaf toggle ring.

Don’t forget to check out Vintaj’s Frost Forest Giveaway on their blog!

Happy Creating!

Shelly Haas