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Heart Throb Set

Fun, flirty, and easy to make set that’s perfect for Valentine’s Day! Basic wire-working skills are needed, otherwise it’s easy to put together. Materials 1 pkg. Heart Shaped Beads 2 x Arrow Connectors 2 x Arrow Charms 6 x Eye Pins (1 pkg) 18 x 2mm Beads (1 pkg) 3 x 4mm Beads (1 strand)… Continue reading Heart Throb Set

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Contemporary ‘Millennial Pink’ Necklace and Earrings

I noticed an article a week or so back about the popularity of a colorway called Millennial Pink, a warm pink color apparently very much in vogue right now. We happen to have a Bead Soup called Bara that embodies all the qualities of this colorway, and Lindsey put this lovely set together using the… Continue reading Contemporary ‘Millennial Pink’ Necklace and Earrings

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Evening Out Earrings

Lindsey made these lovely long and dangling earrings recently using a chain that makes this look so easy. The chain alternates between the larger flat links and the smaller grouped chains so you just need a section of chain to make this look work. The 3-Petal Bellflowers come in lots of lovely colors and finishes, but this color worked so nicely with the chain.

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Love Is in the Air – A Valentine’s Day Necklace

It all started with the plan to make a quick and simple bracelet featuring a component from the new Nunn Design Winter 2017 line.  That idea blossomed into a gorgeous necklace that is something I will treasure for the rest of my life!  This is the first time I have tried out the technique of… Continue reading Love Is in the Air – A Valentine’s Day Necklace

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Birthstone Bracelet for Mom

The jewelry I create is often due to a mood I am in or a feeling I want to cultivate in myself.  Lately, I have been ruminating too often about the time I must spend away from my beautiful sons while I work and attend college rather than appreciating them and thinking of the good… Continue reading Birthstone Bracelet for Mom

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His and Hers “First Kiss” Necklaces

These necklaces are more than Vintaj components put together, they are the coordinates of the first kiss my fiancee and I shared.  We were outside after our first date, my 30th birthday, under the moonlight and stars… It really could not have been more idyllic!  The image is forever burned in my memory and now… Continue reading His and Hers “First Kiss” Necklaces

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Amazonite Chain Tassel Earrings

We love a stone that has a meaning that supplements its external beauty, and Amazonite is rich with connotations of health and balance. Amazonite was said to have adorned the battle gear of the fierce female Amazon warriors, and is also said to have a rejuvenating effect on the heart and throat chakras. We’ve also… Continue reading Amazonite Chain Tassel Earrings

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Personalized Bookmarks | DIY Tutorial

Personalized bookmarks make a great gift for just about anyone, and are the perfect last-minute gift for those times when you just couldn’t think of the right thing. Pair them with a nice book or a gift card to a book store, and you’re sure to please the bookworm in anyone. Bookmarks can also make the perfect… Continue reading Personalized Bookmarks | DIY Tutorial

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Seascape Earrings | DIY Tutorial

When I look at these beautiful Black Gold Amazonite ovals, I see an image of a deep, wave-capped ocean with a blue sky above, like a 19th century seascape painting. This style of semi-precious stone beads are often used as a whole strand, or as part of a larger piece, but I wanted to make something… Continue reading Seascape Earrings | DIY Tutorial

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Under the Sea Earrings | DIY Tutorial

Whether you prefer The Little Mermaid or Mermaids: The Body Found, one thing is for sure: mermaids are very cool. You know what else is cool? Mood jewelry. That’s right—mood beads are back! Inspired by the mood jewelry of the ’60s and ’70s, these thermo-sensitive liquid crystal beads by Mirage change color with minute variations in temperature.… Continue reading Under the Sea Earrings | DIY Tutorial

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