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New Nunn Design Open Back Bezels

Becky Nunn at Nunn Design, designed a new line of Open Back Bezels that work perfectly with Swarovski crystals.  Hand crafted by Beck Nunn, working first with polymer clay, to construct models in just the right size, width, and shape that would work fluently with the other findings within the Nunn Design product mix, they… Continue reading New Nunn Design Open Back Bezels

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Contemporary ‘Millennial Pink’ Necklace and Earrings

I noticed an article a week or so back about the popularity of a colorway called Millennial Pink, a warm pink color apparently very much in vogue right now. We happen to have a Bead Soup called Bara that embodies all the qualities of this colorway, and Lindsey put this lovely set together using the… Continue reading Contemporary ‘Millennial Pink’ Necklace and Earrings

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Celebrations Starburst Earrings

The 4th of July is right around the corner, so these fun, festive, and casual chic earrings are right in time! Most of the components are Vintaj Natural Brass, and the stars are patinaed with Vintaj Marble Patina and sanded to bring up the contrast, easy peasy! Components: 2 x Vintaj Star Charm #DP191 6… Continue reading Celebrations Starburst Earrings

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Tropical Heatwave Earrings

When I see these earrings the song ‘Tropical Heatwave’ starts playing in my head. They have a swaying movement to them, along with the glitter of the crystals, I just start thinking of the dance floor!

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Czech Glass Button Brooch

We recently received a selection of these gorgeous Peacock buttons and when I first saw them I immediately thought about the Nunn Design Round Ornate Brooch pins, wondering if they might fit, and sure enough they fit perfectly! Any button with the right diameter works fine too, the Inside Diameter is 31.9mm so a button… Continue reading Czech Glass Button Brooch

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North Cascades Double Hoop Earrings

The natural and subtle beauty of the new Fall Collection Nature Charms from Nunn Design have all of us at Bello Modo fervent to create jewelry with the charms and hoops.  Lindsey has created an incredibly gorgeous and unique pair of earrings, blending metal finishes and shapes in just a way so as to have movement in the… Continue reading North Cascades Double Hoop Earrings

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Holly Berry Holiday Set

    Ashley & Lindsey teamed up to make this quick and simple, yet elegant jewelry to wear when you need a classic set to adorn yourself anytime of the year.  Once the components have been gathered, the ring, bracelet, and earrings are finished in about thirty minutes. The red domes give this set it’s… Continue reading Holly Berry Holiday Set

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Wire Wrapped Bangle Bracelet with Chaton Crystals

I was inspired to make these after seeing a tutorial post on Nunn Design by Becky Nunn (see tutorial on her site). I chose Antique Copper 20 gauge wire with Antique Copper Prong Settings and 3 different colors of the Baguette Chatons. I hammered mine at the end to give them a rustic appearance. It would be… Continue reading Wire Wrapped Bangle Bracelet with Chaton Crystals

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His and Hers “First Kiss” Necklaces

These necklaces are more than Vintaj components put together, they are the coordinates of the first kiss my fiancee and I shared.  We were outside after our first date, my 30th birthday, under the moonlight and stars… It really could not have been more idyllic!  The image is forever burned in my memory and now… Continue reading His and Hers “First Kiss” Necklaces

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Lolita Cameo Cuff | DIY Tutorial

This cuff is a great piece of jewelry for anyone with a more laid back style. It’s reminiscent of steampunk without being too overdone and adds a rustic touch to any look. This bracelet’s strong suit is definitely its versatility. It can be dressed up or down, and pairs well with a little black dress,… Continue reading Lolita Cameo Cuff | DIY Tutorial

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