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Heart Throb Set

Fun, flirty, and easy to make set that’s perfect for Valentine’s Day! Basic wire-working skills are needed, otherwise it’s easy to put together. Materials 1 pkg. Heart Shaped Beads 2 x Arrow Connectors 2 x Arrow Charms 6 x Eye Pins (1 pkg) 18 x 2mm Beads (1 pkg) 3 x 4mm Beads (1 strand)… Continue reading Heart Throb Set

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Suede, Deerskin Leather and Pendants

Ashley, of Wild Human, made a couple of pendants recently and used some of our suede lacing and deerskin lace to turn them quickly and easily into one-of-a-kind necklaces. The deerskin lacing (which you can see in the necklace below) is new to the shop and is incredibly soft and feels wonderful. You can see how she… Continue reading Suede, Deerskin Leather and Pendants

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Marsala Necklace

Pantone’s color of the year, Marsala, is the buzz around here this week. You know how when you buy a different car, or are even just considering a specific type, you will all of the sudden see these cars everywhere on the road? Our brain points out to us what we are thinking about. With… Continue reading Marsala Necklace

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Burgundy Keshi Pearls Set

Being that it is the halfway through January and 2015, there are a couple of things top of mind, design wise.  We are thinking about Valentines Day and Marsala, Pantone’s new color of the year. So I thought, why not make something that can fulfill both elements? Pearls are absolutely perfect for Valentines Day and these… Continue reading Burgundy Keshi Pearls Set

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Valentine’s Day Contest

Update February 13, 2015: and the winners are… Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day? Are you planning on making something? If so… send us an image of what you have made, either as a gift or to wear, and we will post your image here on our blog. We will choose three winners, and each will… Continue reading Valentine’s Day Contest

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Swarovski Wild Heart Necklace

This necklace is so Downton Abbey, don’t you think? It’s also good Valentine’s day jewelry inspiration. I’ve been enjoying wearing long necklaces myself lately and I feel like they can absolutely be the highlight of an outfit. This long and elegant necklace features a beautiful Wild Heart Pendant, with the asymmetrical look of using 2… Continue reading Swarovski Wild Heart Necklace

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Romantic Candlelight Dinner Earrings

In thinking about Valentine’s Day this year, I wanted to make something elegant and a little bit vintage. As I was walking through the shop one day, I came across a tray of Kabela and Swarovski Filigree components that I had never seen before. These great, little flower connectors jumped out at me, which was… Continue reading Romantic Candlelight Dinner Earrings

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Valentine’s Day Earrings

I like to think of Valentine’s day not just as as holiday to celebrate lovers, but to celebrate all of the people we love and appreciate. I created these earrings with the intention of giving you some inspiration in making some sweet earrings as gifts to ladies in your life that you want to send… Continue reading Valentine’s Day Earrings

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Heart Bracelet

It’s time to start thinking Valentine’s Day projects! There are so many fantastic options of heart components and beads to work with when it comes to making Valentine’s projects. I would encourage you to simply put ‘heart’ in the search bar on our website and see the plethora of choices you have. Today I chose… Continue reading Heart Bracelet

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Leather Love Bracelet

Valentine’s Day is coming and LOVE is in the air! Leather bracelets are so fun, easy and quick to make, and they look fabulous! This is a great project to make for yourself to wear, or as a sweet gift for someone you love. Materials: 7” Regaliz Licorice Leather Bordeux 1 x Alpha Spacer Set… Continue reading Leather Love Bracelet

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