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Ocean Breeze Necklace

We’re always getting new things into the shop and of course that makes me want to play with them and make something out of them. This week it was a new piece from Green Girl¬†(the Grateful Heart Bird Coin) and a new color of WireLace, Ocean Mist, that caught my attention. This particular pendant with… Continue reading Ocean Breeze Necklace

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Bellomodo Team Posts · How to... · Product Focus · Stringing · Swarovski

Simple WireLace Necklaces

Looking for some inspiration for a quick and easy project or gift? ¬†Look no further than WireLace! With so many wonderful colors to choose from all you need really need is a pendant to make a great necklace. Here we have chosen Green Girl pendants. One is in honor of Memorial Day and the other… Continue reading Simple WireLace Necklaces

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Mother’s Day Floating Circles

For all of you still looking for some Mother’s Day inspiration, I thought I would share with you what I made for my Mom… Honestly, I was so pleased with how these pieces came out. They are quite simple to make while being beautiful and elegant. Another reason why I like these so much is… Continue reading Mother’s Day Floating Circles

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